Day 48: 02.17.17


The Friday morning sky was a bit gloomy today but indeed, nothing can beat my zen on the last day of the work week.

I mean, our Jurassic Park class is open from Monday to Friday, 8:15 to 2:30, but my chaos of a class, just could not get my chill off. It’s fucking wonderful.

This cutie was in school today! It was nice meeting (and petting you a lot), Percy! Come again please!

Come tutor time, my tutee and her brother had a wonderful drawing time after reading the book, “Boy-Scribble and Scribble-Boy” by Javier T. Delvin.


Basically, the book was about Scribble-Boy and Boy-Scribble wanting to improve their “scribbling” skills as they compare theirs with an illustrator’s skills. In the end, they found out that even the boy with the really good drawing skills started his drawing with random scribbled lines, until it had more defined lines to make up figures, and eventually was able to create a clear picture. It takes time and practice to be great, and everyone starts with a scribble.


“The Plant” by Sofia (6), Sandro (9), Michelle (28)

This is what I explained to my six and nine years old students when we compared our drawings. My drawing of a plant looks most realistic because I’ve been practicing for a long time, so theirs is still great for their age. No need to feel bad about it. What matters is they work hard to improve their skill.

Since starting to teach children, it’s always a revelation how much of life’s hard reality can be found in children’s book. Indeed, we are all innocent walking through life until we experience conflicts. They make us less innocent, but stronger and smarter.

Great book!


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