Day 49: 02.18.17

For the last day of tutor this week, I was greeted with a wonderful breakfast set of donuts, cake, sushi, tea, and lemonade by my adorable six-year-old tutee.

Isn’t it so nice? She said she wants to be a chef after her experience at Kidzania. Well, she can be whatever she wants. I hope I’m still alive by the time it happens and we’re still connected with each other.


I was also given these stars by her and her older brother! She actually sold me one yellow star for 1 peso and 5 cents. How expensive! I actually had to haggle since she was selling it for five pesos! Grabe! Haha! I’m seeing her entrepreneur side like her parents, too. ^^

Oh, the potentials of children!

Come night time, it was dinner and club with my high school barkada. These are the people I was with through the beginning and end of high school. I’m kind of the “weird” member of the group and most of their interest does not interest me (as they don’t to mine) like going to clubs, drinking, swimming, but I do love them still.

One of our friends is going to get married on the end of Feb! My, my how time flies.

Anyhow, after dinner we went to a club. Actually, it’s my first time to be in one. The first time they went there, I ditched them. Just not interested in just drinking and dancing. I’m more of the chill and conversation person. I’ve lessened by reservations with drinking over the years and with the right company, I’m even willing to get wasted if we’re having a really good time. I mean, why not? I just don’t like the taste of alcohol very much and the amount that needs to be consumed before getting that “high”, so there.

Well, clubbing is fine. As expected, the things I’ve mocked about club culture had been validated. People looking their best, some people grinding their bodies on strangers, drinking and dancing, some talking la la la. After listening to a podcast about hook-up culture in American universities, I can’t help but see an extension of that in clubs. I mean, I think some people there really go to have a good time with their group, but a club seems to be a lair for finding a mate for the night. A guy or lady comes up to a random stranger, whisper something, they go dancing and then that’s that. Don’t animals in the wild do the same, as well?

I know it’s weird to analyze club culture (as I saw it) while in a club and should be engaging in it, but I was bored. I tried my best to get the high that everyone else did, but I could not. I swear, I opened my heart. I like dancing, crazy dancing, but only with a group I’m familiar with. Having so many strangers around? Errr no thank you. It also depends on the music, I guess? The DJ from the club we entered sucked or the music wasn’t loud enough to pump up my blood. After, we snuck into the next club with better music and I was a bit happier.

Music in full blast is the best if you want crazy dancing with jumps! Haha! But then, after 30 minutes, I got bored. Haha! So really, clubbing is really not for me. Sorry.

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