Day 56:02.25.17

Saturday is usually my no-work-despite-leaps-of-work-to-do day. Proudly, I’ve been consistent with it.

It was an amazing night of music at the Tiu Theater at Amorsollo, Makati. My friends and I were surprised at how much the venue resembled those live houses in Japan. I assume the owner is Japanese based on the structure of the exterior, plus, the posters by its vicinity promotes a lot of Japanese artists. Amorsollo is kind of a mini-Japanese town as a lot of Japanese companies and restaurants abound it. No wonder a theater would be there, too.


The show opened a bit later than it’s set 7 PM show. Kind of a bummer since despite the Japanese staff, they followed Filipino time. Haha!

Anyhow, the show was worth the wait as the Adinka Lumada Djembe Community opened with the powerful beats of he Djembe (a kind of tribal drum which uses the hand to create beat and rhythm) and a song called, “Damong Ligaw”.

I was easily hooked to their music, so transitioning to more traditional compositions minus the lyrics still kept me afloat my admiration of them. I’m sure the group rehearsed for their performances, but there were many moments that I wondered if they were doing freestyle playing since they would just look at each other, a member comes forward and then fly away with the music. I also appreciated the fact that the performance was interactive. Around the end part of the community’s performance, we were made to clap and chant with them. It made us feel that we were part of their community, too.

Following the Djembe Community was Utsuwa, a Japanese drums group. I’ve always loved the sound of the Taiko and which was the main reason we attended this concert. The Djember Community’s amazing performance was a bonus we all didn’t expect to love.

Compared to the traditional sounds of the South African tribes that tje Djembe Community had, Utsuwa’s traditional drum beats were more composed and structured in beats and rhythm. Each song had a story which some were accompanied by a shamisen player, as well as a live painting performance to visualize the song. The beats, the yells, the conglomerate of passion and music engulfed the intimate theater.

You know what’s more amazing? I was just hoping that the Djembe Community and Utsuwa have a collaborative performance and they did!!!


I was very thankful!

Yes, I was a very satisfied fangirl today. 😀


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