Day 59:02.28.17

Congratulations, Dheni and Pau!


I’m sure marriage will only make your relationship even stronger as you’ve already won 10 years of relationship ups and downs.

Baby na soon! Hahaha!


I’m always awed by couples who are able to reach six onward years together. Being a decent human being to others is already such a chore, what more when you need to give all your time, devotion, love, and understanding to one? It must be very consuming. Nonetheless, I guess if the love is reciprocated, then everything is doubled or more, right? I’m an irony of skepticism and optimism, but at the very core, I’d love to believe that happy endings are possible.

I looked like a decent female during the wedding. Save for my peeling letheret shoes.


HAHA! Kapal ng mukha nalang talaga bakit ba.


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