Day 62: 03.03.24

“Jealousy contains more self-love than love.” – Franscois de La Rochefoucauld

And oh, what a horrible feeling jealousy is.

So in our classroom, my partner has become the “mommy” while I am the “daddy”. She is the affectionate, positive-reinforcement and a bit more lenient mom, while I’m the strict, rule-implementor dad.

A few weeks ago, a new student came to class. He has a lot of things to work on in terms of socializing with others and communicating. He’s kind of volatile because he suddenly hits others (even me) and then he cries. I had to be both comforting and strict with him, so that he would understand the rules of the class and have others understand him as well. He’s improving nowadays.

However, suddenly, he’s always giving these malambing hugs to my partner! I’ve seen this side of him and it is really lovely. He used to do that to me to, but I guess as he sees me being strict in class, he has become less malambing to me like how he is with his own dad. My partner has become his “mom” in class whom he can always seek comfort from, thus, she gets more hugs.
Of course it is a good improvement at least we are learning more ways we can manage him either affectionately or being strict. In class, this is the kind of dynamics we have established in class.

Well, I guess I just want more hugs too. I can also feel my students starting to feel scared or adamant to come to me because of this image. Huhuhuhu.


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