Day 68: 03.09.17

Patience is a virtue as they say, and I do believe in this strongly. Many trials have challenged my patience, but very few that made me walk away or cry.

Today was an emotionally trying day as students tested my patience and I’ve started to question if I’m being a good teacher to them.

It was the first time I wanted to cry and walk out because I felt very disrespected when my students didn’t want to listen and to the point that I was physically hurt because of it. OF course, they are still young and as the adult, I need to be the one to have better understanding of their intent and motives. I’m sure they didn’t mean to offend, but sometimes it really gets to me.

One thing is for sure, when getting edgy because of anger, take a step back from the scene and people who aggravated you, isolate yourself, compose and re-motivate, take a deep breath or even vent your feelings to something else. It works in calming down.

In my case, I went to the back of the room, realigned our alphabet wall (but not sequence them lol), punch the wall a little bit, then breath deep again and again.



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