Day 69: 03.10.17


Yes, it’s Zen Friday.

I woke up early (because I slept at 10:30 the previous day, wut), but I still got to work later than my two other teachers. LOL

Anyway, aside from my Zen-status every Friday, I also make it a point to improve my looks with make-up during this day. I mean, I’m not a big fan of make-up and I think it will take me a while to get to baking, blending eye shadows, falsies and contouring, but I do enjoy it now.

I like working on my eyebrows, most especially. I love it when I’m able to arc it effortlessly. If there’s one thing always complimented about my face even waaaaaaaay back when I was young, it had always been my eyebrows. Naturally pretty, but then I got curious about tweezing and shaving, so now it’s not that pretty anymore. I have to work on it to keep it nice. I don’t like the strong, think and drawn eyebrows too. The more natural it looks, the better for me.

I don’t post selfies everyday, but I feel pretty, why not?



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