Day 73: 03.14.17

Tomorrow will be our school’s Animal Day. I don’t have any pets to bring since our two dogs are too big and they really don’t want to step out of their area. Somehow, along the way, we did something wrong to those dogs.

Anyway, can’t remember but reminisce about one of my favorite pets ever, Mochi.
Mochi was given to us by my grandfather. My mom and I adored him. Since our pets were always tied outside of the house, I particularly requested from my mom if we can have him in the house. She agreed. If I love dogs, what more my mom. Or well, she’s just naturally affectionate to anyone.

Well, Mochi was kind of a crazy dog. He loved to chew on anything, he’d get overly excited when I came home from work, he got angry when we got closer to him when he’s eating and eventually, he bit my mom.

So…he was sentenced to death.

I swear, I loved this dog so much that I could not, for the love of me, go home when he was killed. I couldn’t come to hate him even if he hurt my mom. Even my mom didn’t bore any grudges at him.

I just miss this dog. I kind of miss having a pet at home. I’ll probably buy a guinea pig soon! YAY!


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