Day 75: 03.16.17

MayWard post here!

Yesterday, the MayWard (Maymay x Edward) episode of Magandang Buhay (local morning talk show) was aired!


I was delighted with this show because the whole episode was just good vibes. The hosts are all moms in real life, so they knew how to treat these kids right. A good nudge on what’s going on in their life individually and as a pair, but knew where to put a break on the inquiry and when to put in a good advice for their betterment.

In all TV shows that Edward and Maymay has guessed in, they’ve been asked about those admissions they’ve had from the Lie Detector test: Maymay having a crush on Edward, and Edward having feelings for Maymay. To be honest, I’m still boggled about what “feelings” mean for Edward because I feel that he does like Maymay a lot, but up to what extent, he wants to keep it to himself for now. So this show was no exception, they were asked about it. Edward confirmed, yes, if it was true he has feelings for Maymay and consistently answered that Maymay is one of the few people he really trusts including Yong and Kisses. This is also his go-to answer in other shows.

I’m just wondering though, if you try to conclude based on his answer, then feelings equate to deep trust which he also shares for Yong and Kisses, so he also has “feelings” for the two? Haha! Although, to be fair to our fandom, Edward has a special fondness for Maymay. Either he seeks comfort and familiarity from her (Edward once said Maymay reminds him a lot of his older sister) or she’s just very unique from the rest (and she is!), I would conclude that Maymay is the most special and whom he has the strongest “feeling” out of all his friends.

Moreover, I love this episode because the feelings is just one part of MayWard they tapped on, it did not dominate the conversation. Edward and Maymay had their individual segments. Maymay was interviewed with her mother, highlighting their relationship and her as a daughter. Edward’s upbringing, generous family, and good values were emphasized, too. He’s more than just the charming face, he’s the complete package!

Then they had the immitation game which shows how great their friendship is. Basically, you can’t imitate properly a person you haven’t been or have observed for a long time.

Basically, it was a great episode coming home to. I wish they would guest on this show again. 🙂


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