Day 77: 03.18.17


Is this boy really 16?! Bakit ang kire kire niya?!

Edward really knows how to please a girl, and well, he probably knows Maymay really well and what will make her feel “kilig”.

So here they are performing their songs, “Titig ng Pag-ibig” when Edward put down his mic so they can have one mic only while both his hands lay on Maymay’s waist and arms. Then, during “Baliw” I saw a GIF of him taking Maymay’s mic to put behind his back so that they can share one mic instead. I think in all of these, Maymay was just genuinely surprised at Edward’s “moves”.

It’s funny that despite Maymay’s effort not to fall for Edward, I think the boy has other plans, don’t you think so? Ohhhh that would be a hard battle, Maymay. Keep strong! Haha!

Pero galingan mo pa rin, Edward! LOL


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