Day 85: 03.26.17


Even early on, Mao and I have already decided we will come back to Taipei to explore more and spend a longer time in each place. Three days is really not enough for the itinerary we made.

In our original plan, we moved our visit to Jiufen early Monday, but since our bodies refused to wake up, we just decided to go to Maokong for our gondola ride.

Inside, you feel as if you’re just riding any other kind of vehicle: a plane or a car. Despite being hundreds of feet away from the ground, the cables and car worked well enough not to make the passengers feel any shaking. You can just sit back, relax with the greens of the view, or take as many pictures as your heart desires. To reach the mountain top, it took about 20 minutes of the ride.

We were really, really high up, so purchasing heat packs was helpful. Unfortunately, I didn’t have pockets, so I had to hold it everywhere! Haha!

It was already lunch time by the time we arrived there, so we just decided to eat some local food of dumpling, and friend rice. Later on, it was dessert time of tea, coffee, and cookies!


2017-03-26 11.44.10 1.jpg

Tea and cookies always go well together. I had no idea what to order, so I just went with the lady’s recommendation. Assorted cookies included dark chocolate, matcha, butter, cranberry, coffeenut. YUM! And hello thar, my Totoro pouch!

Mao wanted to go to Taipei 101 and even had reservations for the Starbucks, but being pressed for time, we decided to skip it and just spend some with the animals at the zoo.


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My main target was the pandas, while Mao wanted to see the giraffes. For 60 NTW, animals from different areas of the world were available to see.

But since we didn’t have time anymore, I think we only stayed there for one hour top.


The last day is always the most hectic because stupid tourists always reserve it for shopping, like us!

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Ximending looks like Shibuya *o*

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Since we’re pressed for time, shopping alone was the faster way of deciding what to buy (and avoiding annoying each other lol), so Mao and I decided to split up for an hour and wait for each other by this area of Ximending.



Ximending is youth hub for trendy clothes and accessories, so trying to find an “I love Taiwan” shirt in this place was like trying to find a needle in a bed of straw. Nonetheless, we hoarded food souvniers instead. Food is always a good option for souveniers because people love food.

For myself, I really wanted to buy shoes, but since my foot was wet, I really didn’t want to be rude to the shops. Maybe next time, that will be my first goal: buy shoes! Anyhow, I was able to buy the sticker for my MRT beep card and new wallet which also has a pocket for my phone. It was only for 150 NTW, so yey!

We got back to the apartment around 8:30 to fix our things. Around 9:15 we were done, so we rode the airport train to Taoyuen station.


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We were seriously sad to go home.

Boarding was at 12:55, but by the time we got to check-in at 10:45, the line was still very long. We reached the boarding gate at 1:05 (Can you believe it?!), but I guess the airline was aware of the situation, so we still made it. It was my first time riding a huuuuuuuge airplane, so that was a pleasant surprise at least.


All in all, I would give this Taiwan trip a 5/5. I met a few rude citizens particularly from the airport, but the rest were really helpful and nice to us, actually. Somehow, I’m thinking of finding a job here, too. I wouldn’t mind being here. It’s near the Philippines, there are so many things that remind me of Japan, and everything is very convenient. Anyhow, if not an immigrant, I’ll definitely come back!

I miss you, Taiwan! ❤


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