Day 119: 04.30.17

I’ve always been intrigued with introversion and extroversion (well, psychology in general), but somehow for many years I couldn’t really pin-point which one I was.

I like being alone with my thoughts, being productive with my personal, mini-projects, and I can be in a crowded place and still be comfortable being alone. My favorite place is my room, and I love listening more to people rather than sharing about myself (except for people I’m very comfortable with). On the other hand, I can be totally adventurous, trudging forward to try novel things, I can be very loud and crazy, and it’s fun to suddenly talk to strangers whom I know I won’t see again.

There’s no need to label of course, but I thought all along that people were just these polar opposites. But I guess in this age of deconstruction, new sides of the coin are springing up.

About four years ago, I encountered the term ambivert which is supposed to be the in-between of introverts and extroverts. I’ve read up on it, but I guess until this video, I’m officially labeling myself as one because with all the items given in this video, I give a big bold check to all of it.


Day 115: 04.26.17



Give us childhood by Remi Bandali

We’ve came to wish you happy holidays
Why is that we do not have any holidays or decorations
World…. My land is burned down
My land’s freedom is stolen
Our sky is dreaming, asking the days
Where is the beautiful sun?
And where is the fluttering doves?
World…. My land is burned down
My land’s freedom is stolen
My land is small … like me, it’s small
Give us peace… give us childhood
Give us childhood (x3)
Give us.. give us.. Give us peace
In my childhood, In my four years at innocence
The beautiful garden to world called for by the children
I ask you, would you please make all the innocence
My childhood… My childhood
Save the children (x3)
Save, Save, Save the children
I am a child
With something to say
Please listen to me
I am a child
Who wants to play
Why don’t you let me
My doors are waiting
My friends are praying
Small hearts are begging
Give us a chance
Give us a chance
Give us a chance (x3)
Give us a chance
Give us childhood (x3)
Give us.. Give us..Give us peace

Really. One doesn’t need to understand or get to root of why war is taking place because at any point it has to be prevented or STOPPED.

See these children cry as they feel each meaning of the lines they sing. The lyrics of the song is heart-breaking, and more so when children break down when singing it. They are the most that relates to it.

The innocent, the young, they are stolen of their right to enjoy their childhood, their freedom, and their homeland because of selfish fights.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched these clips, but every single time, I still cry. The tragedy of it.

Day 114: 04.25.17

I’m usually not excited with meeting parents for reports on progress with their children (because it’s always so tricky with them), but for this particular PTC, I was!

I guess it goes with the fact that I reported very positive progress with one of our children in class. Admittedly, this kid if my favorite despite him being one of the challenges during the beginning of school. He doesn’t have any diagnosis yet, but it’s apparent that he is somewhere in the autism spectrum due to delayed social and language development. He needs to have structure and repetition to absorb routines and follow rules.

I’m not a SPED teacher, but somehow, I had to be one for him. I was his main shadow teacher for summer class, and the main reason I was assigned in our FOURS class is because he needed to have a familiar person, a transition, for him to be well in the higher level.

Since he was still adjusting to the classroom, there were many challenging days. There’s his short attention span and control, his fixation on cars and colors, and tantrums. However, he was always adorable and we knew that he needed to be accommodated a lot differently than the others, and we’re just so ever thankful that his peers are nice enough to understand and sometimes even give way for him.

I remember in the first PTC we had, he had so many expected skills for his age not yet apparent in him. I had been very stressed for the past weeks before that PTC, so when we discussed his developments despite the indicators from the checklist, I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I mean, all along I thought that nothing was happening, that our efforts were just turning into thin air, but then the seeds are actually blooming, though slow, but there’s already a bud.

Fast forward to five months, and there’s the PTC full of developments. In a blink of an eye, our baby has progressed so much with his self-control (his regulation much longer), he’s more flexible with his plays, he’s socializing (though he remains awkward and we need to guide him with it), and the tantrums has definitely been less frequent. He doesn’t even need a shadow anymore!

It was the best gift we could have given such supportive parents and for having that child, our personal happy pill, in our classroom. There remains a lot of challenges in the classroom, but just being hugged and kissed by this boy makes me feel so much better.

I’m gonna miss him a lot, but I’m sure he would be able to make more people happy. I hope he becomes a little Mozart in the future too because he is a natural with music!

I love you, Jose. Always.

Day 112: 04.23.17

So…I’ve been writing. A lot!

That’s 28 stories published and 2 drafts composed of drabbles and one shots in less than two months. 

That’s heaps more than what I’ve produced in three years! 😭😭 Shit, I’m so happy! 

I don’t have much readers, but I really try not to get that to me. The mantra is: WRITE FOR YOURSELF  THEN THE REST WILL FOLLOW. Of course I get a message every now and then that I make them happy, but my happiness is top priority. LOL. 

Day 110: 04.21.17

Ocean Park field trip was a success!

I’m also not sure how we were able to pull it off, but we got through the whole day field trip without loosing hair, keeping everyone safe, and energies at bay. 

One thing I’m reminded again is that kids have a different way of observing and reacting to their world. So when we thought the jellyfish center, with its classical music and dimmed room, would serve as our downtime area, the complete opposite commenced. They were completely fascinated by the colored lights and the dancing jelly fishes so questions were thrown like bombs and they were everywhere like fireworks. 

Haha! ♥

Day 108: 04.19.17

Letting go is indeed necessary at times, just like how it is necessary for writers to leave their work in the dark for a while, especially when progress is bleak at the moment, and let your creativity replenish the next days.

After two days, I decided to go back to MES project at McDonalds. Haha!

Surprisingly, as I was reading the draft I made, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was when I was writing it. Apparently, my emotions clouded my judgment, thus, I viewed it as BLEH. Well, it was 50% bleh, but with a few tweaks here and there, I was able to save 70% of the initial draft. Probably the muses at that time were really active, but the plot holes are fixed now too.

Now, I’ll attempt at finishing the draft today and hopefully do more revisions in the following days. Things are also getting busier at school with the field trip tomorrow, the event I’m in charge of (which will be in less than three weeks), planning for the year-end celebration, grid for next week and PTCs, I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR FANDOM.


Day 107: 04.18.17

Day sucks with employment stuff and the reality that really, it’s time for me to wake up and smell the coffee.

On other, brighter news, a new McDo commercial was launched!

It’s none other than MayWard’s TVC nd I’m so freakin proud of them. dSJDkjasdfahfvsdmfvhhsdfhsdfj

Without bias, one of the best and most fun commercials of this brand. Very creative and it just really suit their personality and relationship as friends, or eherm, something else. YIIEEE~~~


Day 107: 04.17.17

Ocular, done!

Oh, the perks of doing oculars as a teacher will always be the best for me. It was my first time Manila Ocean Park, and boy it was a big place to have fun. In particular, I was looking forward to seeing the jellyfishes since that reminded me of a scene from Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). Yes, I just referenced an anime, deal with it.

Nonetheless, it was a productive day for my partner and I, as we were able to plan most of the things we need for the Friday field trip, as well as send letters and get approvals from parents regarding some changes with it.

The next challenge would be managing the kids in such a big venue like that. Planning helps of course, but nothing beats experience. So I guess, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

On a different note, I finally woke up refreshed and with a great idea for my writing project!!! Damn, finally. The right muse walked in.

I was able to plan it from beginning to ending this morning while having breakfast, and I could have finished it if we didn’t need to go for the ocular.

Here’s the problem.

I’m actually writing this post because I needed to step back from the story a bit. You see, planning is not a big part of my process, and sometimes, not at all! So when I was able to finish this whole story in my head this morning, I’m kind of stuck now trying to let the words flow for it now. Usually the story unfolds while I write it, but now, they seem BLEH and I wanna shut down already.


I hope I’m just tired. I HOPE.


Day 106: 04.16.17

Ahhhh…the dream is about to end.

It’s Easter already, so this also marks the last day of the holy week, and our vacation. Well, we’re not going back to school yet, but the life of a teacher is never secluded in the four walls of the classroom. A lot of our preparation happen beyond it. Thus, though I enjoyed my vacation writing and chilling at home as much as I could, there were times I had to slap myself and attend to some school matters in-between.

Tomorrow we have an ocular visit to Manila Ocean Park!!! Woot woot! The only part I like about school field trips is the ocular visit because I get to enjoy it without having the need to manage behavior and safety of our little dinosaurs. So this work-related visit signifies the beginning of Term 6, even if I’m still outside the classroom.

On other pressing matter, I’m getting so frustrated with our MayWard writing project. The prompt given to me is not bad nor I’m having problems with generating ideas. The ideas are actually abundant and I’ve thought of several ways of writing it, but I haven’t made a choice. The one that best appeals to me is angst (again) which I don’t want to write if it’s really going to be given to Maymay (and will be effin’ read by Edward). Since it’s for her birthday, I want it to be light. Fluff, comedy, and romance should be the genres I’m aiming for. Guuuh, the pressure is on!

To be honest, this pressure is taking so much toll on me that I cannot complete my sleep properly. Today, I slept at 4:30 AM because I finished a fic, then I woke up at 10 AM. That’s only 5 and half hours of sleep, on a freagin Sunday, and it’s NOT GOOD. Moreover, I woke up thinking about it. THE FUDGE!

Recently, I’ve started plotting a series and I wanna write it as soon as possible. At the same time, I want to finish with this prompt now because we have to release teasers on the 24th, and I’ll be busy with work (school and tutor) this whole week, where will I find the time to write that then? I’m torn between just letting it slide for now and focus on other things I wanna write until the right muse for it taps me on the shoulder, or just write a draft, ANY, because perhaps I just need a jump start.

HAAAAY. It’s good to be writing and all, especially, it’s an honor to be part of what seem to be an exclusive group of writers in our fandom, but my rhythm is suddenly shaken, and frankly, I just don’t like pressure. Well, who does anyway.

ANYWHO, despite my rants, I know I will still win over this challenge! AJA!

Day 105: 04.15.17

For some reason, my gadgets are turning pastel. Is this any indication to my changing femininity? WEW. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Anyway, I found some old writings while sorting my study table yesterday!


Ah~ I miss writing postcards and receiving one. I should probably revisit my dusty Postcrossing account.

Written in 2006, the dark-writing years. I dunno. I never had a rebellious phase, but I had a dark-thinking phase that usually reflected my poems. They were usually of words and phrases put together probably made sense that time, but they are just incomprehnsible to me now. HAHA! If it’s any indication of my heart, I’m a happier person now. 😀