Day 93:04.03.17

Happy 29th birthday to me!

Wow, one year away from the third decade of my waking life.

As the years pass, birthday don’t feel too special anymore. Well, if compared to how it was when I was kid, I’d say the hype has waned down greatly.

Nonetheless, I think with old age comes also the maturity of appreciating simple, more ordinary parts of your life that makes the mark of another period of your life special.

Today, I appreciated several things that really made me feel “blessed”:

1. Classroom management. We have been struggling with this end for months now, but I think the changes we made in the environment, plus a little reality check by reading something last night, made a strong impact to the result of my day today. My students were more of their lovely selves rather than dinosaurs today. Truly, getting stressed just add fuel to problem. So if there’s one thing that should cool down first in the classroom, it’s me.

2. Mani-pedi time! Even before I gave a fuck about make-up, I really felt prettier when my nails are clean and polished. Since I didn’t have anywhere to be today, I made sure my nails are free of hangnails, chipped nail polish, and covered in fresh laquer. Char!

3. Comfort food from mom. There’s nothing more comforting than my mom, her love, and food from her. She treated me to pizza and pasta, and even made manga graham cake which tastes like heaven! The best thing is, she said I can eat all of it! WOHOOO! No need to blow a cake today, I think I made enough wish in that lantern in Taiwan. 🙂

4. The muses are in town. Though I’ve slowed down recently, I thank heavens that the writing muses have bestowed me with the drive to use words to paint my ideas. Writing is always a bliss that I cannot resist when the muses are hay-wiring me. I hope I can write several more before they go on vacation again. Nonetheless, I am very thankful for their visit.

5. People taking time to greet. I’m not a very good friend, nor acquintance, nor an FB friend because I’m lazy as hell to greet people who have their birthdays. So for some to give time to message me privately, make posts, etc. just to greet me, I am very grateful for it. There’s so much happening in the world now, people are busy with their lives or being distracted by contents of social media, so to have them pause for a bit and give their time for me, then I am thankful for it.

So happy 29th, self! You’ve made it this far. I hope that you get to explore more of the world. Think more about what you want to achieve from here on. Good luck and keep strong!


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