Day 95: 04.05.17

Insecurity is a parasite. You see one, you kill one, but it’s only a minuscule part of the problem. Somewhere in the dark, unknown part of your home, the colony lies still thriving with life. You have to face the colony and be driven in eradicating it, the root of it all.

Lately, a parasite mocked me again.

But good news, I’m happy that despite it, I’m fighting it. It’s a torturous internal battle of reasoning, encouraging, and waves of desires to give up and shell myself again, but I know I’m on the winning side this time.

Just keep it up, Michelle. You know that what we love most are the things that would always easily hurt us. However, remember, that everything in this world is temporary even happiness and sadness. Don’t be attached, but continue to fight.


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