Day 101: 04.11.17

Indeed, you learn if you allow yourself to learn.

Today, I gained two new skills: diving and swimming up to the lower part of the pool and gliding forward in water.

I’m really not into swimming, so I never bothered with learning how to swim. One, I don’t like my skin getting darker; two, I find wet clothes and managing them after a chore; three, I don’t like the tired feeling after swimming. These are my reasons, of course, so I have always wondered why some people was so fond of it. Most of what I would do when I am in a pool is just to float or sit around. If I have a floater with me, I use the pool as my bed.

My co-teachers now are obviously fond of the water, so they really were down to wanting a tan, being in bikinis, and doing swimming tricks. Since I had my share of traumatic experiences in waters, I was reluctant to do the tricks they were encouraging me to do.

However, when I did try, for example swimming between the legs of friend underwater, I was somehow able to do it! It took me several times just staying and moving underwater, but I was able to improve myself from the first fail because I willed myself to improve. If I allowed myself to just laze around in water and not try again and seek guidance from my friends, then I wouldn’t feel this good about myself now.

Now, I think I have a new perspective about swimming. I’m excited to have a go again. 🙂


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