Day 102: 04.12.17


So my introverted self kicked in when I started feeling anxious about the plans of this group I’m suddenly included in.

I mean, of course I agreed to be part of it, but I guess the plans made after became quite overwhelming for me. There are plans of promoting like having teasers, banners, icons, posts about our works that it got to the point that it become quite uncomfortable with me. I guess it’s because I joined the group with very little expectation of what would happened. I thought we’ll just exchange idea, make something out of it, post it then done.

And when it comes to my writing, I’m very low key. Partly because I don’t want to disappoint myself if people don’t respond to it positively, and because like I have different gadgets for different usage, my personal social media accounts are detached of my writing accounts. So if I write in LiveJournal, I post in communities in LiveJournal. If If my target audience is in Wattpad, I post in Wattpad. So I don’t include links of my writing spaces on my Facebook, Instagram, or personal Twitter. For Twitter at least, I made a separate account for MayWard, so I can promote there.

Anyhow, I think the anxiety also came from me not being able to jump into the conversation in our group chat as easily as others. I’m more of an email/forum type of member, so group chats, especially one with a lot of members at the same time, is very fast for me. I’ve never been into chats actually. And when I cannot grip the situation, I get frustrated with it.

It’s also a bit annoying that the plans for our group (which is getting more in numbers) can easily be buried in a pile of nonsensical, albeit more fun, things in the chat. Anyway, I found a way to solve this problem, so I feel a bit better.

Oh well. We did try a move on Twitter today regarding teasing our readers, “the fans” (juskolord meron ba), and the response was quite massive. So yey for pressure! Pota.

Nonetheless, it’s been a long while since I interacted with fellow fans of a fandom whom I don’t know personally, so ang lakas maka-bata. That’s a good thing, Tita Micchie!



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