Day 106: 04.16.17

Ahhhh…the dream is about to end.

It’s Easter already, so this also marks the last day of the holy week, and our vacation. Well, we’re not going back to school yet, but the life of a teacher is never secluded in the four walls of the classroom. A lot of our preparation happen beyond it. Thus, though I enjoyed my vacation writing and chilling at home as much as I could, there were times I had to slap myself and attend to some school matters in-between.

Tomorrow we have an ocular visit to Manila Ocean Park!!! Woot woot! The only part I like about school field trips is the ocular visit because I get to enjoy it without having the need to manage behavior and safety of our little dinosaurs. So this work-related visit signifies the beginning of Term 6, even if I’m still outside the classroom.

On other pressing matter, I’m getting so frustrated with our MayWard writing project. The prompt given to me is not bad nor I’m having problems with generating ideas. The ideas are actually abundant and I’ve thought of several ways of writing it, but I haven’t made a choice. The one that best appeals to me is angst (again) which I don’t want to write if it’s really going to be given to Maymay (and will be effin’ read by Edward). Since it’s for her birthday, I want it to be light. Fluff, comedy, and romance should be the genres I’m aiming for. Guuuh, the pressure is on!

To be honest, this pressure is taking so much toll on me that I cannot complete my sleep properly. Today, I slept at 4:30 AM because I finished a fic, then I woke up at 10 AM. That’s only 5 and half hours of sleep, on a freagin Sunday, and it’s NOT GOOD. Moreover, I woke up thinking about it. THE FUDGE!

Recently, I’ve started plotting a series and I wanna write it as soon as possible. At the same time, I want to finish with this prompt now because we have to release teasers on the 24th, and I’ll be busy with work (school and tutor) this whole week, where will I find the time to write that then? I’m torn between just letting it slide for now and focus on other things I wanna write until the right muse for it taps me on the shoulder, or just write a draft, ANY, because perhaps I just need a jump start.

HAAAAY. It’s good to be writing and all, especially, it’s an honor to be part of what seem to be an exclusive group of writers in our fandom, but my rhythm is suddenly shaken, and frankly, I just don’t like pressure. Well, who does anyway.

ANYWHO, despite my rants, I know I will still win over this challenge! AJA!


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