Day 107: 04.17.17

Ocular, done!

Oh, the perks of doing oculars as a teacher will always be the best for me. It was my first time Manila Ocean Park, and boy it was a big place to have fun. In particular, I was looking forward to seeing the jellyfishes since that reminded me of a scene from Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). Yes, I just referenced an anime, deal with it.

Nonetheless, it was a productive day for my partner and I, as we were able to plan most of the things we need for the Friday field trip, as well as send letters and get approvals from parents regarding some changes with it.

The next challenge would be managing the kids in such a big venue like that. Planning helps of course, but nothing beats experience. So I guess, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

On a different note, I finally woke up refreshed and with a great idea for my writing project!!! Damn, finally. The right muse walked in.

I was able to plan it from beginning to ending this morning while having breakfast, and I could have finished it if we didn’t need to go for the ocular.

Here’s the problem.

I’m actually writing this post because I needed to step back from the story a bit. You see, planning is not a big part of my process, and sometimes, not at all! So when I was able to finish this whole story in my head this morning, I’m kind of stuck now trying to let the words flow for it now. Usually the story unfolds while I write it, but now, they seem BLEH and I wanna shut down already.


I hope I’m just tired. I HOPE.



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