Day 107: 04.18.17

Day sucks with employment stuff and the reality that really, it’s time for me to wake up and smell the coffee.

On other, brighter news, a new McDo commercial was launched!

It’s none other than MayWard’s TVC nd I’m so freakin proud of them. dSJDkjasdfahfvsdmfvhhsdfhsdfj

Without bias, one of the best and most fun commercials of this brand. Very creative and it just really suit their personality and relationship as friends, or eherm, something else. YIIEEE~~~



2 thoughts on “Day 107: 04.18.17

  1. Hello!
    I have come across this page some time April & this has become one of my favorite articles about MayWard mainly because this has articulated my very same sentiments about the two (though I’d say it’s highly unusual for a middle-aged mom doing ‘fangirling’ for a teen loveteam)

    I am happy to say that I’ll be meeting with them soon and I can’t think of better things to give them but this. If you will allow, I would like to print these articles in booklet/album form perhaps and give to them as my birthday gift. (credits to you, of course).

    Will that be alright? Please give me a “go”.


    • Hi, Mommy Wheng!

      I’m kind of surprised someone actually reads this blog for MW, but thank you for reading them. I’m fine with having the posts printed though I’d like to know which ones you’ll be needing?

      When are you meeting MayWard? I’ll be at the album launch of MM, so I’d like to say hello if you will be there, too.

      Sorry for seeing your message a bit late. 🙂

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