Day 114: 04.25.17

I’m usually not excited with meeting parents for reports on progress with their children (because it’s always so tricky with them), but for this particular PTC, I was!

I guess it goes with the fact that I reported very positive progress with one of our children in class. Admittedly, this kid if my favorite despite him being one of the challenges during the beginning of school. He doesn’t have any diagnosis yet, but it’s apparent that he is somewhere in the autism spectrum due to delayed social and language development. He needs to have structure and repetition to absorb routines and follow rules.

I’m not a SPED teacher, but somehow, I had to be one for him. I was his main shadow teacher for summer class, and the main reason I was assigned in our FOURS class is because he needed to have a familiar person, a transition, for him to be well in the higher level.

Since he was still adjusting to the classroom, there were many challenging days. There’s his short attention span and control, his fixation on cars and colors, and tantrums. However, he was always adorable and we knew that he needed to be accommodated a lot differently than the others, and we’re just so ever thankful that his peers are nice enough to understand and sometimes even give way for him.

I remember in the first PTC we had, he had so many expected skills for his age not yet apparent in him. I had been very stressed for the past weeks before that PTC, so when we discussed his developments despite the indicators from the checklist, I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I mean, all along I thought that nothing was happening, that our efforts were just turning into thin air, but then the seeds are actually blooming, though slow, but there’s already a bud.

Fast forward to five months, and there’s the PTC full of developments. In a blink of an eye, our baby has progressed so much with his self-control (his regulation much longer), he’s more flexible with his plays, he’s socializing (though he remains awkward and we need to guide him with it), and the tantrums has definitely been less frequent. He doesn’t even need a shadow anymore!

It was the best gift we could have given such supportive parents and for having that child, our personal happy pill, in our classroom. There remains a lot of challenges in the classroom, but just being hugged and kissed by this boy makes me feel so much better.

I’m gonna miss him a lot, but I’m sure he would be able to make more people happy. I hope he becomes a little Mozart in the future too because he is a natural with music!

I love you, Jose. Always.


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