Day 119: 04.30.17

I’ve always been intrigued with introversion and extroversion (well, psychology in general), but somehow for many years I couldn’t really pin-point which one I was.

I like being alone with my thoughts, being productive with my personal, mini-projects, and I can be in a crowded place and still be comfortable being alone. My favorite place is my room, and I love listening more to people rather than sharing about myself (except for people I’m very comfortable with). On the other hand, I can be totally adventurous, trudging forward to try novel things, I can be very loud and crazy, and it’s fun to suddenly talk to strangers whom I know I won’t see again.

There’s no need to label of course, but I thought all along that people were just these polar opposites. But I guess in this age of deconstruction, new sides of the coin are springing up.

About four years ago, I encountered the term ambivert which is supposed to be the in-between of introverts and extroverts. I’ve read up on it, but I guess until this video, I’m officially labeling myself as one because with all the items given in this video, I give a big bold check to all of it.


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