Day 120: 05.01.17

I suddenly had the urge to check out my old blog in LiveJournal which dates back to 2014. Actually, I wanted to see my very first blog in Tabulas, but alas, I couldn’t open it anymore. Somehow, the very simple password I had back then was not working, so I hope the owner of the blog replies to me so I can retrieve and archive its contents.

So seeing my posts way back in 2004 and the in-betweens of 2014, my goooosh. Hahaha! Old writings will always reveal who you were back then.


“awesome single fujoshi” should be my marital status if within 5 years, wala parin hahahah


I’m not sure when this was, but I guess I was in a slump that time. Whenever I get a writer’s block, expect this kind of drama from me. Well, Michelle of this time, in 2017 of February, you started writing again. And you are writing for you happiness.


This one gave me goosebumps. I wrote this on my birthday when I turned 25. When I turned 26, Tita got sick, the one I consider a turning point in my life. It was the change I somehow wished for, waited for. It was definitely a change I needed. I did lose a very important part of my life, but I also gained so much from the experience.

In general, I was more sarcastic and lost back then. I think old age has softened me. Anyhow, my interests remain the same, and somehow my writing style, too.

On another note, Twitter is damn annoying right now. Haha! I mean, I’m glad that I actually know and get to talk to to most of the people I follow there, but damn, their BV about what’s happening in the event now (Kisses’s bday) makes me want to abandon that platform again.

I mean, for me. I don’t care about the “other camp”. I support what/who Maymay supports, even if the queen of that camp is supposed to be someone to be really hated whatsoever. I mean, the one I’m supporting is being a friend and being positive even of her friend’s shortcomings, so why can’t we be supportive of that too? As supporters of her.

Personally, I don’t give a fudge about that girl anymore. She’s annoyed me several times in PBB, and just…good riddance. May whatever mistakes she’s doing now, leads her to the right path in the future. She’s 18, there’s a lot learn more. Yes, you relearn when you become an adult, so you don’t have to learn everything already when you become one at legal age. Everybody was once a liar, jealous, superficial. Her shortcomings are glaring because she’s compared to Maymay who is already pass that at her age. But come on. I’d like to think Maymay is not perfect and she still goes through that from time to time. That’s what being human is. So I just hope, Kisses learns a lot and gets influenced positively by Maymay or others around her.

Really, it’s usually the fans who blow things out of proportion. In any war, political or fandom-wise, no one is a winner. Bashing begets bashing. Yun lang yun. I SAY NO TO BASHING at all times. Be critical and constructive with opinions instead.

So I’ll check Twitter once this non-sense stop. I hope they move on, seriously. It’s a waste of time and not respectful, in whatever way you look at it.