Day 123: 05.04.17

“You touch mine, I touch yours.”

Definitely something you wouldn’t want to hear from four-year-olds. Of course, it could be anything to touch like toys or food, but in this context, it could have been more invasive than that.

However, I try not to be bothered about it very much since these are still kids. They are naturally curious of their environment, their bodies, and also whatever their friends have. On the other hand, to prevent anything more invasive to happen (in particular, our culture is quite conservative), we’ve already laid the rules regarding private parts and the body.

In our class, we always remind our kids that their bodies are theirs. It is not anyone’s right to see or touch their bodies, even if that is a friend or best friend. Anything that is covered by their clothes are only theirs to see. Of course, their parents and family is fine, and we’ve began allowing them to change in the bathroom if it’s more comfortable for them. With this growing curiosity that we didn’t really see during the early parts of the school year, we have the boys and girls change clothes (after outdoor play) in separate areas.

Being a guardian/parent/teacher is very tricky when it comes to kids, their curiosity and topics that mean differently between adults and children’s perspective.

When young kids mention DEATH and then laugh about it, most adults would frown and even reprimand kids because our perspective of death is already beyond the body losing the ability to function. For us, death entails loss, longing, sadness, regrets, mortality, etc. Kids don’t understand these yet.

So I believe that these exploration of their bodies is part of their learning curve. What adults can do is to guide their learning and provide limitations to it.


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