Day 127: 05.08.17

In today’s staff meeting, the bosses checked the progress of our event planning. There were some really difficult questions thrown at us, and apparently, there’s still a lot of angles we’ve missed during planning. 

I don’t like meetings in general, especially this Monday staff meeting, but it’s helpful to have other points of view. 

On the other hand, I’m starting to feel the pressure of this event as an organizer. I’m not a very organized person after all. So…WHAT TO DO?! 😭


Day 126: 05.07.17

Sometimes, you never know just where your smiles can take you. 

My best friend and I were just being our crazy, noisy self when we happen to help a saleslady who had been in a 13-hour shift, with a headache and wanting to throw a bomb at SM Sucat because of the added stress of traffic. 

Somehow, along the way, we were joking and interviewing her life at the same time, then she was just laughing with us like an old friend. She said a sincere thank you for helping with her headache and sleepiness, not just because we bought something from their store. 

Well. That felt reaaally good.