Day 132: 05.13.17

One afternoon, life gave me chickens, so I thought…Moana?


As our Music and Movement theme was Pacific Islander/Polynesian, we were thinking of Moana the whole time. It was timely since the movie was recent, and the kids were still raving about it.

I promised to watch it for the sake of work, but unsurprisingly, I also procrastinated with it. Nonetheless, I finally had the time and motivation to watch it this afternoon.

And damn, why did I take this long to watch it?! It was soooo good! Here are some of the things I loved about this movie:

1. “How Far I’ll Go” – the song basically talks about voyaging the unknown and discovering yourself. Like Moana, there would always be factors in our lives that will hold us back in taking risks, but then if you don’t, you’ll never know the world beyond (the reefs) what you can see from where you are (the shore). I guess this speaks volumes to me because even though I am convinced that taking risks and leaving my comfort zone is the only way I learn new things about myself and my capabilities, I still hold back because of certain things in my life, as well as fear.

2. Shedding the princess image – When you think of Disney, the first thing that pops to mind is “princess”. However, in recent years, Disney had been divulging the princess image. Frozen’s Else didn’t have a prince at the end of the film, then there’s Moana who refused to be called princess. She insisted she was just Moana, who was chosen by the ocean to bring back the heart of Ta Fiti. At some point, Maui even mocked the stereotype image of a princess as being from a rich family, going on an adventure with a sidekick. Sounds very familiar, right?

3. Ta Fiti and her heart – seriously, I’m sure millenials with their “hugot” got this part in jest. Ta Fiti, a nature goddness, apparently turned into Te Ka when her heart was stolen. She became a monster who was angry and seeking revenge for her pain. Anyone whose heart was stolen and was never returned would have related to Te Ka. And when her heart was restored, her anger dissipitated and she was beautiful again. Basically, she moved on and became a better version of herself. BOOM!

Several parts of the movie made me tear up and I’m not very sure why. With that alone, I’m bought!


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