Day 136: 05.17.17


Pastel blue-colored sky before night begins

…and now it’s raining. Haha!

It’s amazing how temper can be infectious, so if there is any temper that one has to show, it is not temper at all.

My partner and I had a personal challenge today, and that is not to get angry in any way to our students: no shouting, no losing of patience. I think I almost lost the challenge a few times, but I’m glad I was able to survive; we both did! The weather was a little bit gloomy today too, but our hearts were happy. No fighting, no big chaos, too. The brightness of the classroom probably affects the energy of the kids, so with the gloomy weather, they were all calm, too?

Anyway, I hope that tomorrow we’ll have the same kind of peace in the classroom. There’s only 7 more days to go, so I hope we can all get along from now on.