Day 139: 05.19.17

It’s chill Saturday for me!

There’s still a lot of work that needs attention (especially since it’s the last week of the school year, sheet), but I really try to devote Saturday for rest and recreation.

I think the muses are not as active as before, so my writing has slowed down. I’m a bit disappointed, but still thankful that at least not all of them have left yet, and there’s still some drive left to produce at least the ideas I’ve listed down so far.

I’m really trying my hand at writing in Filipino again, so I’ve been updating a series I wrote in Filipino. I also enjoy that since it’s light and there’s really no big plot to keep anyone hanging for more. Less pressure from myself and readers. Just to pump it up, I might try to find a writing challenge and write in Filipino instead of English just like what I did in “Vicissitudes”.

I think I’m also entering my reading phase, as I’ve been enjoying reading MW stories of my other fellow writers in MES (and others). They are indeed a bunch of very talented individuals. Out of the 17 stories, I’ve read at least six of them, and certainly, our stories have different colors. Personally, some I prefer than the other, but there’s a charm in every version of Maymay and Edward’s life. So I’m very honored to be part of this team of amazing story tellers.

The most amazing part so far? I’ve adjusted.

I don’t feel insecure with my writing skills anymore, well, the pangs are not that apparent anymore. I’ve accepted that it will always be there, but at least I’m able to fight and win over it every time it attacks. The battle is always hard, but like everything in this world, the pain and unhappiness are temporary.


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