Day 141: 05.22.17

Dragging one’s face off a bed pillow is certainly more difficult when one receives a horrifying message that one’s partner will be absent for the day and one’s self will be left alone in a Jurassic Park.

*le sigh*

Alright. I think I get what my friends in college were doing as strategy against disappointments: anticipate the worst and be met with less disappointments.

Monday is Monday. Tuesday sometimes turn into Monday, but Monday remains the glorious blue day that it is, most of the time. So with the year end for our kids just around the corner, we’re packed with lots of things to do. There’s less play and exploration because we’re aiming for progress and results to present parents by Friday. Work Time turned into Small Group with the demand of planning, preparation, materials, and facilitating.

Nonetheless, my kids were less rowdy today, so that helped in classroom management. Of course, it can’t be helped to have a bit of conflict with a few of them, and one even vomited, but overall, good job Michelle!

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