Day 144: 05.25.17

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I was expecting this day to be as emotionally charged as yesterday since I was so down about the need to say goodbye to these kids, but I guess that was that. Fortunately?

The day was kind of hectic, chaotic, and confusing. Nonetheless, that is our normal day in the classroom. So instead of a teary, sentimental last day of class, I was given a last taste of classroom life with these bunch of kids.

To Ian, Aditi, Jelaena, Harper, Divit, William, Jose, Yooni, Szofia, Hanna, Valery, Kandhan, Daichi, Pau, and Seung Kyu (who did not come to school anymore huhu), and of course to my partner-in-crime and pride, Geli, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY FIRST YEAR AS A PRESCHOOL TEACHER WORTH WHILE.

It was a year full of challenges and stress, but I know that each time I’m able to survive and triumph over them, I grow a bit more as a teacher and as a person.

I love each and everyone of you. Even if you don’t remember us in the future, I know I always would. ❤


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