Day 151: 06.02.17

Finally finished reading all entries for Twenty as I promised I would come vacation and before the second project begins.

Speaking of second project, I haven’t begun with anything for my prompt Magbabalut Edward x Supermodel Maymay. It’s an interesting prompt actually and as much as I’m tempted to have it changed, my pride won’t allow me. My mind says CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! while my heart is throwing me expletives since my mind and action are not pairing up anyway. HAHAHAHAH!

Since my writing process was put to the test the previous project, I’m reverting to the “one-seating writing of a oneshot” spontaneous process instead of the more proper “plan your shit, write in chunks, pull your hair out, but get it done until deadline bitch” process that allows me to have plenty of time to revise both content and mechanics.


Because that’s how I write!

I remember having this discussion in LIT class, but I think we can still have something in between these two processes anyway. Write everything down, like your feelings to food when very very stressed, don’t review it or publish it, just keep it to cool down for a whole day (or more) to see what needs to be fixed/changed.

The thing with spontaneous writing is that it’s mostly feelings, raw and unfiltered. However, I think this is the most honest kind of writing because it’s a product of what we truly feel rather than rationalizing whatever it is we are talking about. Blogs/journals are usually written this way. With literary writing, well, in my case I’ve always written this way. I let my characters and idea take me to where it will take me. This is the reason I feel that my writer persona is detached from my real self because the impression that I get from my writing style–serious, nostalgic, sentimental–is quite different from who I am as a person in general. Of course, that writer is part of me, but that writer has her own mind when it comes to what and how she writes, so at the same time, she’s not me.


On the other hand, the other process is the ideal one for me. This is the writing process I teach my tutees, well, at least for essays I think this is essential. With planning, you get to lay out the beginning, middle, and end. There’s less chances of getting stuck because before writing the details, the bigger picture had been fleshed out. There’s also ample time to revise and the way you’ll view your work is, I suppose, more objective? Maybe. I’ve never done characterization or plotting, so I think being a novelist is a career I can strikeout of my consciousness now. Oh well, I don’t plan to be a writer anyway, I just…write. I’m not a very “proper” one, haha!


June 10 is our deadline for the teaser. I still have five days for that! But what to use as teaser when I don’t have anything for teasing! HUHUHUHU.




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