Day 153: 06.04.17

It’s supposed to be writing day, but fandom and Twitter had me held up with all the ganap of MayWard, so…

Anyway, I’ve updated this blog! YAY!

A few highlights maybe:

1) I revisited my old Nao/Shin fics and again wondered where my flare went. I think I wrote so much better before and here comes the feeling of wanting it back again. Haaaay. I thought I’ve settled with this issue with myself before, but I guess it’s part of that insecurity that will always be lurking.

Well, as long as I always triumph over the nostalgia it’s fine. Anyhow, I did enjoy reading “Of Cigarettes and Keeping a Band Together” wherein I used Izumi’s POV to narrate a Nao/Shin story. According to the post, it was the first time I featured all band members in a fic, so that was a feat. Rather than the usual stream of consciousness, I think this fic featured more movements and dialogues in narration which I always found were my weaknesses.

And of course, there’s “Median” which I consider my master piece because for the love of me, I’m very sure I won’t be able to produce again of the same quality. That story was the product of my Literature student days and Kagrra-isms. I’ll probably post it in Wattpad just to give it a new home and give the revisions it needs.


2) BFF nights are random conversationw while talking, so in our world, Heidi bullies a bully three times her size in sweetly spoken expletives and threats. Of course, the bully, Damulag is left speechless and probably traumatized on his spot as they talk.


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