Day 156: 06.09.17

Since doing that budget challenge last year, I promised to abide by the between being right and being kind, always chose kind saying as much as I could to show compassion to others, especially strangers because it is the hardest to be kind to people you don’t trust.

However, this belief was tested in an encounter this afternoon on my way home from tutor.

So there’s a long cue to the jeep going home. I’ve been there for probably only less than 30 minutes, but since waiting is a dread, ennui ensues. I was switching between chatting, listening to podcast, and music, so I was sure I was bored and frustrated I was bored. It was the perfect time to leave my Kindle at home because I thought I would be able to go home early.

I should’ve taken the MRT. pshhh.


So the line was moving, albeit reaaaly slow because traffic after a rain is automatic in the Philippines, so when it moved, suddenly, this old man whom I’ve seen standing by the wall waiting for the line to move, stood in front of me on the line.

Of course I was shocked and surprised! I know about line cutters of course, but you never expect to be the victim until it’s in front of you. So I told him that I was there first, but he insisted that he was just standing by the wall, but he was really in that line. I knew he was waiting for it to move and thought that he had his spot somewhere, but NO. HE CHOSE TO STEP IN FRONT OF MY FREAGIN LINE! He was even making me the stupid one by saying:

“Kanina pa ako dito. Di mo ba ako nakitang nakatayo doon? Dito ako.” (I’ve been here for a while. Didn’t you see me standing there? This is my spot.”)

I was seriously having an internal debate with my principles. I wanted to be kind and give him the spot, since I can see that he looks forlorn waiting for the line to move, but at the same time, I wanted to stay in the side of right because it was unfair, not only for me, but for everyone.

Everyone was bored out of their wits, there was even a girl who was obviously sick and seem to just want to go home, but she didn’t cut in front just to get to bed earlier than everyone.

I’m sorry to disappoint thought, that despite knowing what’s right, I chose to be kind. Though I chose what I thought was ironically right–to be kind–I felt defeated.

I could only sneer at him, and hoped very much that he felt as guilty for cheating everyone, as I felt cheating what’s in my heart.

This is one very good slap of reality why the Philippines is still in poor after so many years: we lack discipline.


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