Day 157: 06.10.17

It’s TEASER DAY for our MES comm in Twitter!

By Teaser Day I mean we put up posters/teasers on our account to promote to the fandom. It usually gets a very big response, but since this is the second project, I think there’s more who recognize us now. Even one of the biggest MayWard account promoted us, so…pressure?

I wasn’t that pressured actually, until I saw my co-writers’ works.


I don’t think mine is that bad, but in comparison, mine seems half-assed and plain. To think I finished earlier than most of us.

DB9MRgHV0AI1OtV.jpg large

It took me less than 20 minutes to finish this. And yes, if you’re frowning at that now, it took me 20 minutes to finish this. Apologies.

The title of the story is “Gitling” (Hyphen). For once I had no idea what title I can give this work. I was happy with the overall flow of story (if there’s actually one), but the muse couldn’t give me a decent title, so I just used the Filipino translation of “hyphen” since that was one of my technical concerns for the Filipino words I used.

If any would bother, I think I can cook up an explanation to this title that relates to the characters anyway. Haha!

On the other hand, I think I am lacking in some elements for this challenge. Since we’re supposed to use stock characters (painter, vendor, photographer, soldier, etc.), their personality with their label should be apparent, right? Well, I got carried away with a dreamy balut vendor who studies comparative literature. LOL. I lacked description of a balut vendor’s iconic basket with suka and kropek on the side. Strange because I’m pretty sure I won’t forget these details if I wrote in English.

Oh well. Napasa ko na eh.

Again, trying my very best not to be sensitive to how people will judge my work in comparison to others. I’ll just keep in mind (and heart) how I had such fun writing that piece. ✌️



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