Day 161: 6.14.17

Welcome back, kids!!!

It’s the first day of summer class and I’m the lead! Since my partner had always handled the younger ones, I’m officially in charge of decisions for this class since most of the kids will officially be in the higher level (4-6) next school year. It ain’t so bad actually since I can take this as test run for my actually 4s class this school year.

Anyhow, I had my expectations for this class. I thought that it would be as smooth sailing as our vertical summer class last year, but alas, every class has it’s own flavor.

Out of the 13 kids listed for us, more than half are the younger ones, so there was a lot of crying due to separation anxiety from not only one, but several kids.

However, the highlight of this day is probably my first experience with an almost furious father. An almost furious father whom, honestly, I thought was the kid’s driver. I don’t discriminate okay, it’s just that the kid does not resemble him in anyway. I thought he was just an overly protective uncle or, yeah, driver. Hahaha…

What happened was this.

He got angry because we were playing outdoors around 11 AM. He was concerned because of the heat of the sun which can cause skin cancer. A perfectly valid concern from a parent, but what irked me was that he talked down on my judgement as a teacher. That I did not understand his concern because I wasn’t a parent like him. Mind you, at this point, the information that he was the kid’s father had not occurred to me, so the more irritated I got because what the actual fuck?! Who was he to talk to me that way?!

Haha. Anyway, the mom talked to me about the same concern, but in a much calmer and rational way, so I was able to explain. I felt better after that.

Over lunch, I told my colleagues about it, and they were at least supportive of me. That made me feel much much better since I know it wasn’t just me being self-righteous, but my reasons were actually right.


I guess this is going to be a bumpy ride after all.


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