Day 164: 06.17.17

Not a very productive day, but alas we have to find something good everyday so…three things:

🌈 Vanilla cupcake for brunch at tutor work since my baby is now 7 years old! Belated happy birthday, Sofia! 😘


My eyes and heart are happy with the colors of my gadgets and cables!


After a rather tiring afternoon trying to have siesta in a 34°C room, I suddenly wanted to have bangs. And…huwala! Pardon my face, but mind you, this is my space. (That rhymes!)

On auditory news, I will be listening to Oasis’ discography and I think I will love them even more now. Their “Don’t go away” had been stuck in my mind ever since my partner sang it randomly. In addition, I’ve finished listening to all Cabin Pressure episodes, again, for the nth time. 😚


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