Day 165: 06.18.17

Finally got the ticket for Maymay’s Album Launch on the 21st!


I’m not even sure how much for the show I’ll be able to see since I have a seminar that will end by the time the show begins, so despite my disagreement to the logic of Filipino time, I will be displacing my pride for now and wish that they follow the cultural manner as strictly as possible on Thursday. #guilty

I was also able to meet my fellow-MES writer, Char! I’m also very thankful that she dragged me out of my shell that day or I wouldn’t have had the chance to chat with the other Flyers (official nickname of MayWard fans).

My introvert self was in full mode that day, so despite the staff chatting me up, my mind was set on the goal of not exposing myself, getting my ticket, and going ahead. So when Char begged me to come with her to have a picture with the other Flyers (the more known ones on Twitter), I was very hesitant. Nonetheless, with Char as my comfort zone, I was able to socialize with ease.


After saying goodbye to new found fandom-mates, Mao and I headed out for our weekly eat out. We were missing deokbokki, and deokbokkie we shall have!


We decided to eat out around Tomas Morato area since the ticket venue claiming was in Quezon City too (and because BFF was nice enough to go with me). Though far, the Korean resto where we dinned was worth it! For a plate of deokbokki good for 2-3 people, we only paid 300 pesos! So cheap! To add, our server was a very very cute young man who was the epitome of an “uke” (Google at your own risk) and whom was so nice and attentive that our overall experience I would rate as 15 over 10 stars! Hahahahah!

Unfortunately, the kakigori place we set to have dessert at ran out of kakigori (to our horror!), so we had to transfer to Kozui for our green tea ice cream dessert.


I missed that place! The first and last time I ate there must have been around five years ago! It’s kind of sad to see it look a bit older, but I’m happy to see that it endured through the years.


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