Day 166: 06.19.17

We had our Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) for one of our new students today. I wrote an entry about that overprotective father, so I felt the need for a personal meeting regarding his limitations and clearing out the program’s intention and goals was necessary as soon as possible.

The meeting was almost two hours long (right after class, so no chance to eat lunch or recharge at least) and 80% of the meeting was dominated by the father, so what did we achieve after it? Well, all in all, I was glad to have that meeting since the health and safety issue were laid out clearly though it was still unclear how to go about his issues with physical injuries. I mean, in our school, children get physically hurt all the time. Though we set rules and limitations to them, the risk will always be present and they learn through their mistakes. He wanted to rubberized the edges of all shelves in the classroom and have the walls padded in case his son bumps into them. He was already anticipating the worst that can happen to a child without thinking the learning opportunities a risk actually opens to a child. He even lectured us about preventive and corrective measures like we, as educators, were not aware of.

I can never understand the kind of protectiveness a parent would have over their child, but I can sympathize and empathize at least. However, as an educator, as the parent in the classroom, I know how to protect my children in a way that they learn and still be safe without overly limiting their exploration, mental or physical wise.

To be honest, despite my adoration to his kid, I am not entirely comfortable having him as a parent. He seems to be the type to sue a teacher if his kid gets into an accident despite it not being our fault.

At the end of the day, I just felt so exhausted I wanted to get leave the world and be somewhere else, like in a movie world. As usual, my go-to light movie is “Kimi ni Todoke”, so I watched some parts of it before sleeping.



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