Day 168: 06.21.17

 ABA Seminar + MM Album Launch

Despite my disappointment that a seminar cosmically fell on the same day I’ve been looking forward to since May, it was a priority.

I’m a fan through and through, but above that, I’m a teacher, so I know my priority should still be work over fandom.

Thus, when I heard that the seminar our boss wanted us to attend (and paid for in full, yay!) was on the same day as Maymay’s album launch, I knew I had to make a plan. The show starts at 5 PM, the seminar ends at 5 PM, so I at least had to reach the nearest MRT station before 5:30 PM by foot or Uber/Grab, so even if there’s already a line, I’ll be inside the train by 6 PM or earlier. I would reach the venue by 7 PM (latest would be 8 PM), and I’ll just pray that the show starts late so I can still catch Maymay and Edward on stage, or if not, just have late dinner with whoever MES I’ll meet there.


So, the seminar started a bit late. It was supposed to be 2 PM, but per Filipino time, we began around 2:15, maybe. It was a bit embarrassing because our speaker was Japanese and she works in the States, and we know just how strict Japanese and American time are. Nonetheless, when the hall had most of the guests seated, Ms. Mari Ueda, our speaker, began.

The seminar was about managing challenging behaviors in the classroom using the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The approach is widely accepted and deemed successful especially managing behaviors of children with autism.

“Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. Through decades of research, the field of behavior analysis has developed many techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may cause harm or interfere with learning.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.”


I think our boss had us attend this seminar when he saw the word “challenging behavior” in the seminar title, though in my opinion, I didn’t leave the seminar with much to gain from it. Of course, it was worth the time to learn about a kind of approach used in classrooms, but I think we’ve been doing the same kind of management in our classroom though in a different way. Positive reinforcement is at the heart of managing behavior especially with this generation who seem to be more liberated mentally and emotionally, and would not accept being dictated of what to do. The use of concrete rewards (like candy, chocolates, etc) is a big NO in our classroom management, but kind of the same when we reward students with a choice that is in their favor, but doing what they have to do (teacher-directed) first.

Nonetheless, Skinner’s operation conditioning techniques which ABA adheres to is very helpful for children with autism since the structure of repetition, action and rewards help them with routine and building skills.

Anyhow (didn’t intend to give an opinion about the seminar, but anyway there you go), I’m thankful that perhaps the venue were kind of strict with time, so the seminar ended at exactly 5 PM (unlike their earlier run-down of schedule which would have finished at 6 PM). Moreover, the venue was walking distance to the nearest MRT station, so I was able to reach the station by 5:20. There was already a long que to the platform, but at least I was able to go ride the train before 6 PM.

The trip to North Avenue Station from Ayala was a long, torturous one. However, I still felt very lucky that I was able to be on the train before the rain had a downpour. On the other hand, I wanted to reach the venue as early as I could because I really wanted to see Maymay perform. “Champagne Supernova” played on my iPod along with the feel of the moving train and the dark sky outside with a heavy downpour and I wanted to..drink. LOL

By quarter to 6, I was already inside the venue. I got my album and Maymay was already performing.


It was a flood of green light sticks and the love of all the fans that filled the small dome was overwhelming. I felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to be with everyone who felt the same admiration to this simple girl, but I’m sure Maymay was a hundred times overwhelmed with all the blessings coming her way.

I was finally reunited with Charlo and then I met another MES member, Sky along with other MayWard fans from another group. It was kind of awkward having to interact with new people, but I just thought that since we had a common love for MayWard, it wasn’t so bad to show my real side to them. So when Maymay performed, Edward came out, and the two had a surprise fucking hug on stage, I couldn’t help but hit Sky in glee. HAHAHAHAHA! It’s a reflex when I’m giddy, so sorry Sky! LOL

On Maymay:

This girl. Wow. I’m floored by her dedication to improve herself. Edward was right, the girl from PBB would never have dreamed or performed like that, but she really pused her skills and confidence to improve to give the fans what they deserve: a good show. Her singing was on point, she had swag when she danced, and it felt like was born to be on that stage. You can see her passion in performance, as well as her comfort and happiness. Up close, she still looked the same as in pictures: pretty, kind-looking, and bright. Her bright smile and her warm aura reminded me of Isshi during that live in Nagoya. I swear, it was a warmth that I’d love to come back to. 

So to bashers who say that Maymay looks like a monkey or a corpse, it would be a pleasure setting you on fire after proving you wrong.
On Edward:

Unlike Maymay, we didn’t have the chance to meet him up-close, but even from afar, damn that smile! I’ll say blame it on the lights, but daaaaaaym, that smile belongs to a toothpaste commercial! I’m sure Edward is as handsome as he is in pictures, or probably more. He was very attentive to Maymay when they were together on stage. I’ve seen the same kind of attentiveness of Edward to Maymay in numerous videos and pictures, but it’s quite different when you see it for yourself. I dare say, this boy has feelings for Maymay and it’s probably running very deep now. *thumbs up*

On MayWard ❤

Despite knowing that their “Baliw” performance is rehearsed, they pull it off so freagin naturally! I mean, we’re around 2000 people in the dome, but they never take their eyes off each other for more than 5 seconds! Edward probably really enjoys making Maymay kilig, so he’s always ready to battle her in a staring contest, to invade personal space, to be touchy, and get the audience riled up. 90% of MW Flyers are either women or gay, so of course, when it’s the guy making the moves, we all go crazy over it. Maymay represents any girl who gets to have a handsome prince give attention to her that intimately. The girl who tries to keep composure by keeping in her giggles and failing miserably at it, so in the end, you just hold on to him for dear life.

I didn’t expect for them to have that tight embrace at the end of the performance: Maymay resting her head on Ed’s shoulder, eyes closed with an ecstatic expression, and Ed just enclosed her whole body to his, smiling like an idiot and looking oh so proud of his girl. That embraced lasted for about 3 seconds, but the feeling it elicited from us was orgasm: intense and convulsing. LOL. TMI?

What more, we actually didn’t see from our side that before that embrace, when Edward dipped Maymay, their faces were super close and Maymay pressed their noses together. It looked like Maymay used every inch of self-confidence to do it, but Edward obviously enjoyed her boldness and the result of it. Maybe it’s a dare? Oh, we’ll never know!

The last part of the launch allowed a group of 10 to be in a picture with Maymay, so yay! I was finally able to give her and Ed’s gift! We actually had a moment which went like this:

Me: Hi, Maymay!
MM: Hello po!
Me: *hands gift* for you~
MM: *looks overwhelmed* Ay thank you po. A—
Guard: Paki bilis lang poooooo
MM: Hala ate, salamat po.
Me: Welcome! Pa-kiss ako!
MM: Sige po~ *beso*
Me: *beso*
(kuya sa background: Marami pa pong tao na susunod sa inyo sige na pooo!)
Me and MM: *laughs*
Me: Eto na nga kuya! Bye May!
MM: Bye po sa inyo!

I didn’t have the chance to hear what she wanted to say because of that guard! But of course I know they were only doing their job. Oh well.


Ate late dinner with Char at Yellow Cab and shared about many things, MW and personal life included. Glad to have met this girl whose also a Thomasian! Go USTe!

Ripping my album CD to transfer to my iPod and listen to the songs tomorrow.


Haaaaay. What a day.


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