Day 169: 06.22.17

 Maymay (mini) Album Review

Track #1: TOINKS

Okay, the first time I listened to this song through the lyric video uploaded on YT, I was MEH. I’m not into novelty songs, but I know how notorious their recall is, so I had faith this song would eventually grow on me. I was also disappointed that it didn’t highlight the range of Maymay’s voice.

On the other hand, I do understand now why it is the album’s carrier single. One, it expresses her personality. We all love Maymay for not being judgmental, so the song fits that she’s the one singing about it. Second, you hear “Char!” and “Skrengge” and “Bushak” and “Na-buang na!” in the song which are all her expressions. Three, the being upbeat is a trademark of hers.

The lyrics are actually wonderful since it talks about double standards in modern society (though this has been around for years already). She sang it in a funny way, but pointing out this reality is actually quite sensitive. We’re all guilty of that, right? I mean there’s nothing wrong with looking like a driver, but culturally, if you happen to look like one, it automatically carries several negative connotations like being unkempt, struggling financially, and being fawned over by girls instantly is an unlikely scenario. Lots of comparisons like this in the lyrics and they are all agreeable.

Now, I really like this song as it is upbeat and several parts like the “Allergy, allergy yan!” part is a fun part to sing and dance along with. Especially after watching Maymay perform this in the launch, I finally felt a strong connection with it. LOL.

Still not a prefered iPod music, but this is a great morning commute song, especially when I still feel sleepy.


Track #2: Shanawa (Siya na nga)

Slow pop that reminds me of 90s love songs with the likes of Jolina Magdangal, Roselle Nava, Donna Cruz, etc. At least this song showcases more of Maymay’s voice. I’m sure her flexibility will allow her to sing a wide range of genres, but I guess one of her strengths is balld or slow pop like this track.

As a MayWard fan, can’t help but think that this song is for/about Edward. They’re still young, yes, but I just really pray that in the future, maging sila nga and refer to each other as “Siya na nga”.


Track #3: Kabaduyan

My favorite track of the whole album! ❤ ❤ ❤

Maymay’s sweet voice surfaced in this track, especially during the chorus when she sang “Gusto kong maduyan, kabaduyan…”. There was a moment when I forgot I was listening to Maymay because I’ve never heard her voice so clean and smooth. Moreover, I’m aligning this song to my “Singe and Alone” playlist along with Mojofly’s “Tumatakbo” and Gary Granda’s “Mabuti Pa Sila” which talks about being single, feeling lonely being single, and feeling envy about other people having someone special. Yes, it’s “baduy”, but we all just wanna experience that “kabaduyan” at least once in our life.
Track #4: Mahal Kita Kasi

This is a revival of Toni Gonzaga’s song which is for, “My Amnesia Girl”? Since the whole lyrics is made up of pick-up lines. Very fun song, very fit for Maymay. Her voice range was also highlighted here especially in the bridge part when she kept going higher in “Kasi, kasi, naman kasiiiiiiiii~~~”.


Track #5: Mahal Kita Kasi (Feat. Edward Barber)

Aha! So this is the “duet” with Edward. Hmmm. Same song with some part Edward sings. Okay, I have to admit I’m still not a big fan of Edward in singing or dancing (its awkward ahahahahaha), but I respect his willingness to try and to dive into it. He has a nice voice, I guess they just have to find the right song for him. His Filipino has improved immensely, but enunciation needs improvement, thus his words still sound off even in a song. Nonetheless, I still wished his parts were longer. It would have been fun to have them seem like they were throwing pick-up lines, don’t you think?


Track #6: Pangarap

Perhaps it’s Maymay’s victory song? Very upbeat and positive. It sounds similar to another song though I can’t remember which, nonetheless, it’s nice. Not my favorite from the new tracks tho. I also thought this was the song she was able to compose during their Domino Tower task. Nope.


Track #7: Baliw (Punk Version)

Okay, I have to admit that I’m not a fan of “Baliw” even though it is MayWard’s anthem. LOL. I admire Maymay for being able to compose this song though and the “ah ah, ah ah a-a-ahhhh” got me hooked on this song, but this punk version is really good for energetic, crazier less romantic performances for the two. 😀


Track #8: Baliw (Acoustic Version)

I like this version better! Minues the kilig during performances, it just highlights Ed and Maymay’s voices much better. Moreover, I wonder where I can get the instrumental version of this song they used for the live drama? That was seriously really nice.


Track #9: Titig ng Pag-ibig (feat. Kisses and Marco)

One of my favorite songs from PBB! I like the original version recorded inside the house with McLisse, but I also like this electro-pop version of the song with Kisses and Marco. The whole song is just so positive and upbeat. Of course, whenever I hear the song, I’m transported to that last part of the live-drama, the bridge part in particular, when Maymay and Edward probably slipped out of Ikay and Aren’s character. If I need to point out a moment when MW was most transparent about their attraction and growing feelings to each other, it’s a toss coin between that performance in the live drama and the group hug when Maymay and Edward’s eyes couldn’t let go of each other amidst the crowd with them. Those moments were the most electrifying.

Titig ng pag-ibig, indeed.


Yosh, there goes a mini-review of each track. Overall, this album encapsulate Maymay’s personality: her vibrance, positivity, prompting love and passion to pursue one’s dream. I expected her original compositions to be placed in this album, but let’s just hope they find a spot in the next ones. To be honest, I like the songs here, but I like Maymay’s original compositions better, sound-wise. To add, those compositions were created based on an immediate experience, so you know the emotions that came with them were raw.

Nonetheless, I’m very thankful she was given to opportunity. Hope she’ll be able to collaborate with more artists in the future, as well as be given more liberty to record her own compositions. Well, in God’s time.


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