Day 174: 06.27.17

My student Sofia loves her toys. They can be as real as they can be with their given personalities, relationships, adventures, background stories, and names.

While playing with her this afternoon, I suddenly thought of “Toy Story 3”. 

Like Andy, Sofia has Wishful, her first Beanie Boo, a unicorn. Despite Wishful’s family expanding this year, her favorite would always be Wishful. To be fair, if the toys were alive just like in Toy Story, they also understood that Wishful is the favorite, like Woody was to Andy.

So I do wonder, what will she do with her many toys and Wishful when she grows older? When I asked her this question last week, she just said she will give them away. However, I think she answered coldly because she didn’t understand the question fully. The sentiment was still beyond her years.

It also made me think of my own toys and how I treated them as I grew up.

As a kid, like everyone else, I loved to play. My toys and play were varied: pretend play with barbies, stuffed toys, and cooking sets, video games, and outdoor games like pico, ten-twenty, etc with my cousins. Since my parents could affort it, I had a lot of Barbie dolls which were my favorite as a young girl. But now, I don’t know where they are or where they ended up. Even when I cleaned our storage room, I didn’t see a plastic full of toys.

I remember cutting the hair of my Barbie dolls because I thought they will grow back, and then I left some of them unclothed. My plastic kitchen toys and doll house were forgotten in place of PlayStation and the Internet.

If my toys were alive like the ones in Toy Story, I wonder if they hate me. Perhaps they cursed me that’s why I’m still single? What kind of discussions did they have about me? I’m not a very careful owner after all.

So I hope, Sofia takes care of her toys. I’m sure, in some alternate universe, those toys are alive and always expresses happiness whenever she played with them. 🙂


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