Day 176: 06.29.17

The heed for blissful silent fangirling + work issues again


It’s frustrating that despite my wide understanding of others, I can’t trust myself that I understand myself. Well, to be fair to myself, I think it’s the same for everybody.

Or is it?

It’s been a while since I’ve had this nagging feeling of stepping away from my active Twitter account where I fangirl and find most of the people I interact with from the fandom and also because they’ve become new found friends. I opened Twitter after so many years for fangirling purposes and for catching updates, but lately, it has become a melting pot of rants, raves, issues, updates, etc. Too much going on and the daily dose of other’s consciousness is making me hyperventilate.

It’s not that I don’t care about these people, I just don’t need the extra info on their interactions with others and the whatnot.

Yes, I’m a snob and a bitch, and trust me, I deal with myself every single day. It’s not easy.

Due to this, I opened another account which is mainly for updates regarding the fandom. A bit…better?

Since I got used to posting micro ideas from my head to Twitter, and I didn’t want to open the fandom-related accounts, I went back to my private Twitter account. And huwah… there goes the peace.

And non-fandom related reads are ❤ and makes me feel smarter. Fangirling is good for the heart, but too much of it is tiring too. So I guess, distancing myself from it a bit will be good for me.


Second part, work issues.

I’m so irritated I don’t want to discuss it. Even here. So. Bye.


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