Day 178: 07.01.17

Music Connections

I was in Jollibee eating lunch when I heard “When I Dream About You” by Stevie B which sounds a lot like Paramore.

I like Paramore, especially Haley’s voice, so I tweeted about it. As mentioned, I have different Twitter accounts, so I don’t remember where I actually posted the thought. I suddenly had a notification from one MW fan that I follow that it was actually Gracenote, a local band.

From there, we got to talk a few more about music and then she introduced me to another MW fan who likes music. This person is actually familiar to me because another MES member had been mentioning her in her tweets.

Small world, right?

We got to chat a little bit privately and that’s when I learned that she’s also a teacher in K and elementary in Thailand, and also do tutor jobs. Haha!

We exchanged music recommendations, of course. Since she lives in Thailand and I listen to Thai music, I also recommended her some songs.

What a happy incident!


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