Day 187: 07.10.17

I am no where near the completion of my one shot for our MES project, and the universe knows how much I wanna abandon ship already, but I’m going to fight through the currents to deliver.

There’s the conflict of wanting to just make something and deliver, and having making something of quality. If I was fine with my academic papers crawling through dirt to get a passing score because of procrastination, I sure hell am not that way when it comes to writing. Writing fiction, that is.

I have my outline already, but the words just wouldn’t flow. The narration feels strained, and that’s what I’m getting so frustrated about. Of course, it doesn’t matter as much if my plot is good, but that’s the thing! I’m not very good with plots, so my stories are usually really simple, and I highlight more on character and interactions. I suppose, this is how I work. I’m really more process-driven, than result-driven.

No wonder I approve of progressive education so much.

Anyhow, this is the rut I’m in now:

  1. Language – I’m conflicted which to use: English or Filipino? I’m fairly comfortable with both, but let’s just say I’m stricter with narration in English, and I originally want this story in English because the prompt is also in English, and the idea I have is very romantic. Moreover, my stories have certain moods depending on the language: light and funny in Filipino, serious or sarcastic in English. \
  2. POV – In my first draft, I used 3rd person. They switch between characters. Then I revised it to 1st person using objects that the characters have. It was fun to do since it’s been a loooooooong while since I wrote in 1st person, but having the items POV is challenging. By the time I finished the first part, I didn’t want to continue anymore.
  3. Parts – My story will have 8 arcs, spanning of 17 years for the characters. The first part was already 1200 characters long, so I just hope that this work doesn’t end up with more than 9000 characters. I don’t like reading long works because my attention span cannot take it, so if it’s more than that, I think it should be a series already. But of course that’s just me. Some short stories are not very short. My one shots are usually under 2000, and the longest I wrote was almost 6000 which are usually for the projects. This is the reason MES projects exhaust me so much after because one one-shot feels like me writing seven of my usual length in one go.

I have until the 13th to complete my work, including revision. I already passed my teaser even without the one shot. Haha! In desperation, I borrowed a line from a fanfic I wrote years ago.

forever I'm yoursforever - one liner4

It fits anyway. Problem is, I have to stick with that line because that’s what the people know already.


*pulls hair*


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