Day 193: 07.16.17

Kdramathon: Weightlifting Fairy + MES Proj 4

Finally began my “Weightlifting Fairy” marathon from this afternoon and I’m already on the 9th episode as of this writing. So far, the story is kind of okay, but not much is happening. The characters are cute, but nothing very impressive yet. I’ll stick out until the ending just to see how they resolved Jung-hyung’s issue with his mom. To be honest, I find Bok Joo so bratty. Why is the show named after her again?

On another news, we have our prompts out for the next project! August is the anniversary of MayWard, so of course we have to release another anthology. It’s pretty easy this time though more specific with requirements: fluff, stories about FIRSTS. To control my word vomit, I asked my prompter to give me a word-count challenge. She told me that the digits to my word count has to add up to 24, so I decided it to be 1986. 🙂 I think that should be enough. Regular length for a one-shot.

The minute I got the prompt, a story popped in my head already, so I began drafting it. Actually, if I can, I should finish it before UPOU and work in summit begins. I think I’ll be mighty busy then that I’ll probably lay low with fandom, so it’s also a good thing that we’ll have a hiatus. YAY! No MES projects for two months! Pahinga muna.

Oh well, goodluck to me!



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