Day 194: 07.17.17

Palengke Day + WF Thoughts

It’s the third day that mom’s gone to the province, so I’m still left with what little food we have in the house, and the third day I’ve been eating chicken noodles for breakfast.

I’m sick of it.

Really, it’s when mom leaves for a couple of days that I realize how dependent I’ve been on her. Vacation officially started Saturday, but I kind of don’t feel it because I have so much to do around the house. Unlike when mom is here, I just bum around without needing to worry about cooking, feeding the dogs, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or just the mere need to lock up.

Haaaay. Oh well. It’s not like I’m new to this.

Since I’ve been craving for a warm meal with soup (I’ve had fried food since Friday), I decided to finally step out of the house and go to the market to buy ingredients.

For dinner, I made soup with cabbage using pork broth, and fried marinated porkchop.


Alright, I finally finished “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. FINALLY.

By the 9th episode, I was thinking wether to continue watching it or not. Honestly, storyline-wise, it’s dull. Yes, there’s the plot, but it moves so painstakingly slow. There’s a lot of fillers, too.
If you ask me, the show could’ve wrapped up the entire story in 10-11 episodes, if the unnecessary parts were removed.

Oh, you’re a fan of the drama, you say? What fillers I’m bitching about?

For example: the side story about Jae Yi, the doctor that Bok Joo fell in love with. I don’t think it was necessary to show how his life moved forward after learning about Book Joo’s feelings. I guess, since he’s a nice guy and the writers/viewers felt sorry for the doctor that also likes him, they decided to give both a happy ending. It wasn’t even clear how Jae Yi came with the decision that, “oh, I finally want to date my friend of 10 years since she said she’s been in love with me”. He seemed desperate to make her stay in his life because she was convenient. And what the hell woman?! 10 years, didn’t she even try to date someone else since she knows how oblivious he is of her existance as a woman anyway? They didn’t try to explain this in drama. And as a couple, they don’t have anything to do with the main story of Bok Joo and Joon Hyung.

Another one: Seok-oh and Tae-kwon. I knew one way or another, Tae-kwon will start liking one of Bok Joo’s best friends, and it was gut feel that it was going to be Seok-oh. They eventually had that moment that sparked the interest for both, then the time when they went out for a date (only to be interrupted by Nan Hee), then what?! The drama ended without any hints where they went after that. Tae-kwon went to the military and Seok-oh graduated with her team, they meet in the end, but it seemed like nothing romantic ever began with them. So why show it in the first place?

This one, I feel is also a filler, but then I ship them since episode one, so kebs lang: Professor Yoon and Coach Choi. Again, gut feel that Coach Choi likes Professor Yoon, and she confirmed it! The love triangle with Dae Ho was worth while though, so okay, I’ll reconsider this as filler at least from my perspective.

Anyway, since I’m a character-driven viewer/fan, I really liked Joon-hyung and Shi-ho’s back plots.

In terms of character development, Shi-ho was the most developed. She’s the one with the troubled family situation, personal anxieties and conflicts, pushed herself to the edge just to achieve the standard she thinks is necessary to achieve her dream, then eventually had the guts to let go of the dream to recover herself and eventually got up. If one of the purposes of the drama was to give the viewers a look at the life of student athletes, then it’s Shi-ho’s character that reflected that well.

With Joon-hyung, I wanted his character to heal. Despite the care-free character, you know there’s a hole in his heart because of what his mom did to him. Eventually, he got better with his trauma and he reconciled with his mom. I find his story very very sad, so my heart broke for him too several times. When he and Bok Joo were in the swimming pool and he cried to her, HELLO WATERWORKS. Oh, and they could’ve resolved this problem of Joon-hyung in the middle of the story since there wasn’t any particular reason or elements before his mom came back to Korea. She just popped out of nowhere!

Anyway, I’d rate “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” 6/10. Story line was boring, characters were okay. I’ll just rate Bok Joo’s pretty eyes 10/10. Haha!




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