Bai He, by hugging you, I can no longer differentiate whether the rain poured on my hair or on my hand. I also cannot differentiate what is happening inside my heart.

Han Jin, The Rose (Taiwanese drama)


Sound is formless. But, when it comes out of a human’s body, it has temperature. That is the first time I found out that it has warmth, and you can touch it, too. You could keep the sounds of the people you like by carving it deeply in your skin.

Han Bai He, The Rose (Taiwanese drama)

Day 213: 08.05.17

Since I didn’t want to sleep early last night (I was sleepy at 8:30, wtf grandma), I drank coffee. It’s usually not in my practice to drink coffee at night because it fucks up my sleeping pattern, but well, there’s exceptions every now and then.

I got really sleepy anyway, around 9 PM I fell asleep while watching a drama. I woke up around 1 AM, and didn’t feel sleepy until near 4 AM.

So just when I thought coffee didn’t work, it did, just a bit late.

I got up after 5 hours of sleep, my heart palpitations tell me I should catch up on sleep with naps, but an hour tossing and turning on the bed for siesta, nothing.

Haaay. Let’s see.

I’ll just write something. Hopefully, I’ll finish the OS for MES so I don’t have to bother tomorrow. Haha!