Day 278: 10.05.2017

So MW had an interview in which they answered questions from TFC (The Filipino Channel) viewers. One of the question went: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), gaano niyo na kakilala ang isa’t-isa?


Edward said 45 in jest (lol), but then seriously answered confidently, 10. Maymay, on the other hand, said 8.5 which Edward retaliated quite vocally. Hahaha!


Alright. I felt a bit sorry for Edward since it’s apparent that he and Maymay are not on the same page at some point, which is how much they know about each other already. It’s only natural, of course, that no matter how close we are to a person, we can’t know everything about another person. I believe that even long-time spouses would have something they keep only to themselves. So technically, I agree with Maymay. While Edward sulked about this, reminding Maymay that they’ve known each other for more than a year but she didn’t answer the same as he did, Maymay explained that she believes that it is only the circumstance of living under the same roof that two people really know each other completely. Quite amusing that at this point, I think Maymay’s train of thoughts seem to be trailing to a different direction (perhaps a romantic one, she was getting kilig about it) while Edward was still figuring out what went wrong in that equation about them knowing each other really well, equally whether as friends or something more. Haha! To add, Maymay said, “Dapat pahabain (ang pagsasama pa)” with a giggle which finally made Edward smirk in agreement, and somehow I think he jumped train on Maymay’s thoughts  And my dear boy definitely approved, finally.


Anyhow, the difference in the response reflects on the current relationship the two has as friends who are opposite in personality: the introvert (Edward) and the extrovert (Maymay).


Edward: 10


Edward had always been vocal about his fascination of Maymay from PBB up to present. He told Marco “Gusto ko siya.” referring to liking Maymay’s spunk and personality right off the bat of PBB teens. In retrospect, isn’t this the “spark” he translate love at first sigh to be? I think we shouldn’t be limiting the definition of love as “romantic” in that term, this should be for friendship as well, especially I agree with Ed’s definition of a “spark” (the feeling that something clicks and connect between two people during first meeting). He said he has never met anyone like Maymay (pertaining to her craziness) and he appreciates the fact that he can comfortably be crazy with her. He said there’s never a dull moment with Maymay, it’s always a laugh, and he admires her genuinity. The fondness is definitely there, and when an introvert is fond of something or someone, the entire attention can be devoted to it. Being the more reserved kind, introverts observe closely and can be choosy to the people they open their hearts to. So when Edward said, he’s closer to Maymay than he had been to his best friend of three years, he means it. Well, they’ve been together everyday for more than a year from PBB up to present. We know that he has few close friends and it’s obvious who are the people he chose to keep in his life because he’s vocal about it. So I guess even though he’s also gradually increasing his network of connections in showbiz, it is not as big as Maymay can easily make it, but then for an introvert that’s still fine because a few close friends is enough to satisfy him in terms of company. Director Giselle Andres of Loving In Tandem described Edward as having a very big heart who can look into people really well, so for Edward to choose Maymay over all his friends (and girls), there must be something very special about her because Edward sees it, and he treasures it. So of course, when you’re so attached to a person because you like them so much, you cannot help but expect that they feel the same way, right? I get this because I’m also an introvert like Edward (I’m actually an ambivert, but I’m usually 60% more introverted than extroverted), and I’ve been through the same disappointment at some point in my life with my best friend. Haha! So my advise to Edward is not to take it to heart. Though he’s smart and sensitive, so I know he won’t take it against Maymay. But I also know he’ll secretly feel a bit bad about it, too. Awww!



Maymay: 8.5


What I appreciate about Maymay is that she had always been honest and sound in reason of her choices. She is not language smart, but she is emotionally and intrapersonally. This is the reason she can easily build rapport and friendship easily to different kinds of people. She has become a darling of the crowd in the fandom, amongst showbiz personalities and behind-the-scene figures, and all she had to do was to keep it real. And boy, keeping real takes a lot of guts, but that’s Maymay’s nature. Indeed, she is blessed. I’m pretty sure her network of connection is massive despite keeping it under radar. I have this feeling that some showbiz personalities are tagging her name to theirs because she’s the unexpected “it girl” at present. Nonetheless, I can vouch for the likableness of this girl, and with this likableness, Maymay has plenty of friends, in and outside of showbiz. So, unlike Edward who possibly dotes on her because his attention gravitates towards her (not to mention they are always together, and she is his emotional bridge to rubbing elbows with big personalities from the industries and uncomfortable situations), Maymay is able to give attention to Edward when they are together, but she can probably give the same weight of attention and affection on anyone she meets, thus, people are easily comfortable towards her. In PBB, she was given merits for this personality of hers and has saved her from ever being nominated. So it is really possible that she doesn’t know Edward as much as he knows her. But actually, I think Maymay really thinks that it is impossible to ever really know 100% of a person unless they are living under the same roof. Technically, they have lived under the same house for several months, but since there were other housemates, Edward could not get Maymay’s undivided attention. Isn’t it the reason he’s called Mr. Jell? He’s clingy, friend or boyfriend because he chooses carefully the people he will give attention to. And probably, if Maymay did give the question a romantic tone to it, she’s pertaining to marriage. One can only learn deeper about another person if they get married and live under the same roof. Now that’s a special attention she can give because that person would be her spouse. But for now that there are no labels to whatever she and Edward have, her attention and connection with people will not pause for Edward. And Edward would just have to live with it. At least for now. 🙂


Well, the dynamics of these kids are indeed very intriguing. More importantly, their personalities, despite the differences, still compliments each other. Maymay has one incredibly supportive and caring friend in Edward in his deep fondness of her, while Edward has an equally supportive and caring friend in Maymay with perks of high energy that can pull him out of his shell he tends to occasionally settle into, probably. On the other hand, I hope Edward doesn’t become too emotionally dependent on Maymay. He’s doing some solo works now (and I hope more too), and I’m happy for him because he’s coming out of his shell on his own. Maymay did a great job scaffolding for him, so he’s gotta help himself now. Nonetheless, I’d still love to see more of this dynamic duo. Indeed, Maymay and Edward are strong individually, but together they are incredible. Somehow, I feel that things are moving too fast for them and I hope it doesn’t overwhelm them too much, so I just pray for continuous guidance and good health for these incredible kids.