Day 282: 10.09.2017

Since I don’t have anything better to do (I do, I have lots actually), I’m contemplating what could be another MayWard Freudian slip.

So, Maymay had an #AskMaymay day in Twitter wherein fans can ask her any questions then she can answer her chosen questions. Someone asked, “Date na di mo makakalimutan?” She answered: September 14, 2017. Of course, Flyers (MW Fans) were in SOCO-mode (investigative)and realized that it was the day that Maymay was asked by Edward–officially–to be his Star Magic Ball date in Magandang Buhay.

Of course too, there could have been more interesting things that transpired that day (Magandang Buhay was in the morning), but since this is the only lead we have (and it’s a favorable one too), the conclusion was finalized.

Moving forward several weeks after, MayWard was interviewed for McDo. They talked about what makes them kilig. Maymay mentioned again that at the top of her head, it’s the SMB proposal. Several times after that proposal, Maymay admittedly, giddily shared that it was a very memorable experience for her and that the gesture, the gift, and the feeling she got from Edward and his action (as well as intention) was a feeling she has never felt before, which makes it very, very special.

I believe this.

Based on Maymay’s reactions whenever she talked about that proposal, her kilig is undeniable. And Maymay is known for having the most authentic reactions out of experiences that some would rather downplay to conceal a feeling or from being judged OA (over reacting). And to be honest, we love her for that! Remember, Maymay is not used to grand gestures dedicated to her (which is why all these attention and Showbiz life keeps her still in a daze, as she said, most of the time), but she does dream it. And I believe beyond the kneel and the proposal for the ball, it was Edward’s thoughtfulness, the story behind that charm gift that moved her, that made her kilig the most. Moreover, based on her Instagram post about the charm which Edward gave, the caption was short and a bit cryptic.

Cryptic in the sense that she seems to be just thanking him and saying that it was a very special experience, but her not sharing beyond that is also sharing a lot. You get what I mean? That in-between those simple words speak volumes of unspoken feelings–whether of gratitude, love, disbelief, doubt, admiration, etc. Those unspoken feelings that need not exist in words, but it’s a special understanding between the two of them alone. As Maymay also said to the press, there are things between only her and Edward, and that they are not obliged to share it in Social Media.

Drop mic!

If there’s one thing I love about these kids, they keep their privacy a priority, too. So whatever they have, that’s theirs. Whatever they share, then we’ll take it.

Anyhow, going back to the September 14 answer. One Twitter user wondered why of all memorable dates Maymay can give (Grand Winner date, album launch, movie launch, etc), it’s that she decided to answer. There’s a lot of possible answers, but I’ll subscribe to the one that favors the point of this post the most, of course. Haha! It’s possible that she wanted to please the fans, but I believe it’s also likely that if she was answering as fast as she needed to (because there was an influx of questions and she had a time frame to keep), this date was on the top of her head, too. Meaning, her kilig is also on the top of her head right now. It’s the condition of her heart that waved out of that private space she made for her and Edward alone, at least this once.

So was it a Freudian slip? Maybe.
Well, it could be anything, but then, truth is relative.

As a fan, I’ll take it.

What makes this all the more amusing is the fact that at least I got to analyze Maymay’s heart after a long while. Where is her heart now that they are outside the house? With all the care and attention she is subjected to by the one and only Edward John Barber, is she still in doubt? Still insecure? Or is she making steps towards opening her door to a possibility now, and not later, in that undecided, blurred tomorrow fate can promise them?

Well, let me count the ways. Take it slow my babies. Slowly, but surely.


Day 281: 10.08.2017

I listed nine things to do for today, but so far, I haven’t ticked any of the checkboxes I included with it.


Since I wasn’t able to experience my all-at-home day yesterday, my mind and body connived to push it to Sunday which in reality is a work day for me in preparation for the following week.

Ewan, self. Ewan.

Day 279: 10.06.2017

Spent five hours in Burger King for an impromptu date with this school year’s batch of new teachers! Finally. Hahahaha!

These kids are actually nice ones. They are quite different from our group last year, but really, it’s futile to compare and long for the past one, no matter how much I loved those girls, too.

Oh! One of my new co-teachers wanted me to meet a guy.
I know I’m almost 30 years old and I should be searching not only for a boyfriend, but a husband, but really, I’m not sure if that’s what I want right now. Also, I’m not sure what to do in dates. Do I conceal some parts of my personality (that I think will be an instant turn off hahaha) on a first date? I HAVE NO IDEA. HOW TO DATE 101 PLS. LOL

So in the end, I just sold the idea to another co-teacher and I think they’ll fit better. Erm, maybe. Haaaay. What am I waiting for anyway?