Hello, I’m Micchie.

It’s 2014.

I’m attempting to change some aspects of my life and I felt that creating a new blog would be helpful for my hopeful fresh start. As of now, I’m not that different from the person I was in my first blog entries in 2003, but I do plan to make this my home for new things to happen.

Welcome. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Profile

  1. hi there Micchie, i’ve just found out about your blog site a while back and i’ve enjoyed reading all your entries, why didn’t i see this before? hehehe, anyway, do u have a twitter account too?anyway, i wished you would also join us on PEX(Pinoy Exchange forum), we need someone like you to post some of your comments about MayWard :D, if you have time, please try to visit MW Pex thread 🙂 i’ll give you the link on our 4th thread {already} >>

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