Day 200: 07.23.17

Mom’s back!!!

Hahaha! I woke up to a noisy household in which I realize, this is my kind of normalcy still. No matter how comfortable I am being alone, I still would always prefer a noisy household with my mom and her TV. 😀

On the other hand, since mom is making it up to me for the whole week that I did everything in the house, doing a marathon of ISWAK and its sequel, They Kiss Again (TKA) went smoothly. Meaning, I didn’t have to mind washing the dishes, cooking or feeding the dogs! I just lazed around and watched my show.

Ahhhh…My dream vacation.

LOL. Anyway! As I mentioned previously, perhaps making a short review of ISWAK and TKA would be great to write here since I realized, after watching the shows for the nth time, that it is ultimately, my favorite show ever. For reasons I will enumerate now:

ISWAK and TKA have varying focus of affection

Of course, within the show, we know the thinking of all characters involve; however, what I mean is that in ISWAK, it is more of Qiang Xin’s (heroine) point of view. She was the character who started the plot, with her confession letter to Zhi Shu and being shot down in public. Her love for Zhi Shu moved him, as well as the story. Throughout ISWAK, we only see glimpses of Zhi Shu’s growing interest, and eventually attachment to Qiang Xin. So the viewer, like Qiang Xin, is kept in wonder if there’s actually a clear chance of getting the prince until of course, the end.

TKA showcases the married life of ZS (Zhi Shu) and Qiang Xin (QX). As an audience, I was very excited to see how ZS shows affection towards QX. We see him now as more affectionate and one of his hobby seems to be kissing his wife (kilig!), but then there’s still the sharp-tongued ZS who does not hesitate to criticize his wife if he deemed it needed. Of course, audiences are already aware of how QX shows her affection, so it is ZS’s methods which I think were highlighted more in the show. The sequel emphasized many sides of him, especially in relation to his wife.

Amazing Actors and rounded characters

If there is one element that I’m really picky about in movies, TV series, or written stories is character. I always seem to knit-pick on this, so I’m very happy that ISWAK and TKA serves this well.

ISWAK as the springboard for TKA establishes the characters, especially of SZ and QX. There’s not much development in ISWAK except maybe for attitudes towards each other, but then the characters are already lovable as is, and there’s not really a very big conflict to bring about a massive change in character. Supporting characters were also established in ISWAK. I love the Jiang and Yuan family for being such jolly families. The actors are so natural in interacting with each other, that I really forget sometimes they were just acting. Even the smallest of roles like extras seem to shine for each scene they play. In TKA, there’s where the characters develop further. Well, I guess aside from Jiang Mama and Papa who are already perfect as is, most of the support and of course ZS and QX were given more dept in the sequel. As TKA tackles more on marriage, family, work, the characters matured in the story. ZS and QX matured as husband and wife, from not understanding each other’s feelings (mainly ZS, eherm, his jealousy) and intentions, to growing professionally and independently from and with each other. Even minor characters like QX’s bestfriends had backgrounds and backstories.

Romance, drama, comedy rolled perfectly into one like fine maki

Where do you get a drama which can make you giddy and excited with the romance, laughing your head off with the crazy characters, and make you reach for tissues because of the drama? WHERE?! Do point me to other titles because I’m claiming TKA as the only one drama which had seamlessly done it like magic. ISWAK is more light-hearted because, well, it’s high school romance. TKA has the realistic aspect of marriage, starting a family, career, and basically making your life not fall apart while maintaining a relationship. In life, sometimes you just blush, laugh, or cry with it.


Alright, most of the things I highlighted here are general observations and I’m not even pointing out to evidences, but then I do recommend this drama highly. There had been several versions, but I still think the Taiwanese version wins hands down. They owned it. The story is originally from a Japanese manga, but the added parts, and the highlight of Taiwanese culture makes it so unique too.


Day 199: 07.22.17

Sometime today, I started missing watching an old Taiwanese drama titled, It Started with a Kiss (ISWAK).

ISWAK was really big in Asia back when it was first aired, and I think it was still popular when I chanced upon a box set of it in Quiapo (yep, you know it. *wink*). Eventually, it was also brought to the Philippines, but I think it never gained that much popularity to have the actors invited here. Too bad because I have a big, big crush on the actor that played Jiang Zhi Shu, Joe Cheng.



So despite my mental challenge decoding the Quiapo subs (very, very bad subtitle), I was smitten by the drama. The handsome actor is a feat of course, but I still would vouch for the amazing drama that it is anyway.

Perhaps I’ll post a short review of it next time.

Oh! And Mamoy’s coming home tomorrow. YAY!

Day 198: 07.21.17

Amongst the many gifts that an idol receives everyday, it’s a very lucky stumble to see a picture of your idol using your gift. 

I was just happy to give Maymay a gift for her birthday and for her album launch, but I really had zero expectation of ever seeing her using it. I mean, if she gave it away, I also wouldn’t have mind! Haha! So imagine my kilig upon this:


Fangirl heart kilig is REAL! 

Day 197: 07.20.17

Based on yesterday’s event, I already know that this year will be a battle.

I don’t think there’s ever a teacher who quit because they found the job horrible or unpleasant because I think no one will even begin with the job if that’s how they think of it already.

Teaching is like playing with a playboy, it’s a very charming profession because of the gratification you get in the end when you see how students improve under your guide, despite being played by kids and the in-betweens of it, over and over again.

So really, no one would like to quit teaching just because they hate it. Most of the time, teachers quite their job because of the management or their boss.

In my case, I’ll be leaving my current school in a year because I hate my boss. I really don’t want to hate on anybody, but she is unique, therefore, she’s an exception.



Day 195: 07.18.17

Since it’s only a two days away before ending this short vacay, thought I’d better drag my ass out and visit my old uni which I’ve been itching to go to for a while now. 

Hello, UST! 

I didn’t take a lot of pictures since my important places didn’t change much anyway, and I have tons of images of every spaces and corners of this school for the past four years as a college student. 

I was with Char, a MES friend since she was also an alumni and she lives nearby! 

Lots of bloopers and chats with this one! ♥

Later going home, I was able to buy shoes and two dresses only for a total of 90 pesos. YES, IT’S POSSIBLE. 

Day 196: 07.19.17

It’s the last day of my short vacation (huhuhu), so I just chilled in the house.

I can’t really tell if this was a productive day because when I promised to accomplish today the things I set myself to accomplish throughout the length of this vacation, I think productivity, like beauty and happiness, is relative.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the things I did today like cooking a really yummy dish I can call my own (thank you very much), I was able to write something (not MW related, but it was a good practice), I read some really good stories (from a favorite Aldub author, HI MS BLARDIE I LOVE YOU!), my dogs love my cooking too (yey!), I did the laundry, I fixed the bed (after four days), I updated my blog, I watched videos, and fixed my things!

Yeah, chill lang. Pretty mundane and everyday stuff, but believe me, my “me time” in the house is heaven for me. It’s my ideal, no matter how dull you think it is (tse!).

I guess what I’ll miss the most about this short vacation is the amount of naps I gave myself. I really love the feel of waking up after siesta. It’s very refreshing. I have a bad habit of not sleeping even when I’m really sleepy, but these past five days, whenever I feel sleepy, I’ll drop what I’m doing or watching and sleep. My body loves me for it.


So it’s back to work tomorrow, and I’m still sleeping late! Haha! Good luck to me. Goodbye eight hours of sleep. 😦

On the other hand, sharing a bit of my mind’s inner workings:


Good night! 😀

Day 194: 07.17.17

Palengke Day + WF Thoughts

It’s the third day that mom’s gone to the province, so I’m still left with what little food we have in the house, and the third day I’ve been eating chicken noodles for breakfast.

I’m sick of it.

Really, it’s when mom leaves for a couple of days that I realize how dependent I’ve been on her. Vacation officially started Saturday, but I kind of don’t feel it because I have so much to do around the house. Unlike when mom is here, I just bum around without needing to worry about cooking, feeding the dogs, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or just the mere need to lock up.

Haaaay. Oh well. It’s not like I’m new to this.

Since I’ve been craving for a warm meal with soup (I’ve had fried food since Friday), I decided to finally step out of the house and go to the market to buy ingredients.

For dinner, I made soup with cabbage using pork broth, and fried marinated porkchop.


Alright, I finally finished “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. FINALLY.

By the 9th episode, I was thinking wether to continue watching it or not. Honestly, storyline-wise, it’s dull. Yes, there’s the plot, but it moves so painstakingly slow. There’s a lot of fillers, too.
If you ask me, the show could’ve wrapped up the entire story in 10-11 episodes, if the unnecessary parts were removed.

Oh, you’re a fan of the drama, you say? What fillers I’m bitching about?

For example: the side story about Jae Yi, the doctor that Bok Joo fell in love with. I don’t think it was necessary to show how his life moved forward after learning about Book Joo’s feelings. I guess, since he’s a nice guy and the writers/viewers felt sorry for the doctor that also likes him, they decided to give both a happy ending. It wasn’t even clear how Jae Yi came with the decision that, “oh, I finally want to date my friend of 10 years since she said she’s been in love with me”. He seemed desperate to make her stay in his life because she was convenient. And what the hell woman?! 10 years, didn’t she even try to date someone else since she knows how oblivious he is of her existance as a woman anyway? They didn’t try to explain this in drama. And as a couple, they don’t have anything to do with the main story of Bok Joo and Joon Hyung.

Another one: Seok-oh and Tae-kwon. I knew one way or another, Tae-kwon will start liking one of Bok Joo’s best friends, and it was gut feel that it was going to be Seok-oh. They eventually had that moment that sparked the interest for both, then the time when they went out for a date (only to be interrupted by Nan Hee), then what?! The drama ended without any hints where they went after that. Tae-kwon went to the military and Seok-oh graduated with her team, they meet in the end, but it seemed like nothing romantic ever began with them. So why show it in the first place?

This one, I feel is also a filler, but then I ship them since episode one, so kebs lang: Professor Yoon and Coach Choi. Again, gut feel that Coach Choi likes Professor Yoon, and she confirmed it! The love triangle with Dae Ho was worth while though, so okay, I’ll reconsider this as filler at least from my perspective.

Anyway, since I’m a character-driven viewer/fan, I really liked Joon-hyung and Shi-ho’s back plots.

In terms of character development, Shi-ho was the most developed. She’s the one with the troubled family situation, personal anxieties and conflicts, pushed herself to the edge just to achieve the standard she thinks is necessary to achieve her dream, then eventually had the guts to let go of the dream to recover herself and eventually got up. If one of the purposes of the drama was to give the viewers a look at the life of student athletes, then it’s Shi-ho’s character that reflected that well.

With Joon-hyung, I wanted his character to heal. Despite the care-free character, you know there’s a hole in his heart because of what his mom did to him. Eventually, he got better with his trauma and he reconciled with his mom. I find his story very very sad, so my heart broke for him too several times. When he and Bok Joo were in the swimming pool and he cried to her, HELLO WATERWORKS. Oh, and they could’ve resolved this problem of Joon-hyung in the middle of the story since there wasn’t any particular reason or elements before his mom came back to Korea. She just popped out of nowhere!

Anyway, I’d rate “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” 6/10. Story line was boring, characters were okay. I’ll just rate Bok Joo’s pretty eyes 10/10. Haha!



Day 193: 07.16.17

Kdramathon: Weightlifting Fairy + MES Proj 4

Finally began my “Weightlifting Fairy” marathon from this afternoon and I’m already on the 9th episode as of this writing. So far, the story is kind of okay, but not much is happening. The characters are cute, but nothing very impressive yet. I’ll stick out until the ending just to see how they resolved Jung-hyung’s issue with his mom. To be honest, I find Bok Joo so bratty. Why is the show named after her again?

On another news, we have our prompts out for the next project! August is the anniversary of MayWard, so of course we have to release another anthology. It’s pretty easy this time though more specific with requirements: fluff, stories about FIRSTS. To control my word vomit, I asked my prompter to give me a word-count challenge. She told me that the digits to my word count has to add up to 24, so I decided it to be 1986. 🙂 I think that should be enough. Regular length for a one-shot.

The minute I got the prompt, a story popped in my head already, so I began drafting it. Actually, if I can, I should finish it before UPOU and work in summit begins. I think I’ll be mighty busy then that I’ll probably lay low with fandom, so it’s also a good thing that we’ll have a hiatus. YAY! No MES projects for two months! Pahinga muna.

Oh well, goodluck to me!


Day 192: 07.15.17

Happy birthday Edward!

I still owe you a write-up like the one I made for Maymay. You just wait!

For now, I hope you enjoy my collage of derp faces of you. I love them, by the way. 😀

You’re 17 now, almost an adult. I hope you continue to be who you are because I think you’re already an awesome human being, so just continue improving yourself. You’re lame with some jokes and approaches with girls, but you’re really good with Maymay, so I suggest to keep her. Consider her. I think you already have, so enjoy!

May the force be with you!

Day 191: 07.14.17

Last Day of Summer Class + New Teachers


My kids really loved the big swimming pool, though I felt bad for the bigger kids since they found it small for them already haha.

Well, it’s been a fun one month with these lovely kids. We were 15 before, down to 11, but I love every single one of them nonetheless. I’m sure I’m gonna be seeing some of the same faces by next school term.

Although, so much for a celebration for the end of the summer term, the ECs decided to go right into the teachers’ seminar for introduction of the staff since some of us teachers won’t be in training for the first three days for vacation.

Well, a lot of the teachers resigned this school year, so lots of new faces. Nonetheless, as we had the introduction, I think we’re off to a fresh start, and a great one. I dearly miss my old co-teachers/friends, but we have to work with what’s given to us. 🙂